FHBM #475: Too Soon?

Las Vegas podcast #475 includes:

  • VIMFP main event intro
  • Pre-show banter
  • Doughnut Showdown opener
  • This is our live show from the 2014 Vegas Internet Mafia Picnic, Oct. 18, 2014, in the showroom at The D Las Vegas. It includes a bunch of news, and reviews of Eat and Benny’s Smokin’ BBQ. The end of the show features a special reunion, courtesy of Chuckmonster and Hunter.
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Five Hundy By Midnight 10/18/14 (50:49 min, 48.9 MB)

FHBM #467: Let Us Never Speak of it Again

Las Vegas podcast #467 includes:

Five Hundy By Midnight 8/24/14 (80:49 min, 76.7 MB)

VIMFP Keeps Getting Better

Derek Stevens, CEO at The D, announced this afternoon that he has lined up multi-platinum Canadian alt-rock band Our Lady Peace to headline the Vegas Internet Mafia Family Picnic afterparty on Oct. 19. After a fun-filled afternoon with us and our friends from VegasTripping and Vegas Gang, stick around for a massive night in the VIP section directly in front of the Third Street Stage.

If you’ve never been in the VIP section at a Fremont Street Experience concert, trust us… it’s fantastic. In addition to having a great vantage point just feet from the stage, it’s not nearly as packed as the general admission area, plus easy access to the bar.

Whether you’re an Our Lady Peace fan or not, you’ll want to stick around for this party. It’s going to be a great time, and we can’t wait to see you there.