Five Hundy By Midnight 9: Few Winners at Wynn?

Fresh off of a mention in the New York Times, it’s another Vegastastic episode of Five Hundy.

In this week’s episode of Five Hundy by Midnight, the original Las Vegas podcast:
Feb. 19 New York Times podcasting article mentioning Five Hundy
This week’s blog/podcast of the week at Card Club
Three more Vegas casino offers this week
Rio loved me, but now… not so much
Wynn testimony for Jacko
Wynn Las Vegas commercial
Don’t plan on getting comped at Wynn Las Vegas anytime soon
Las Vegas Sun article about Wynn Las Vegas casino
Las Vegas Review Journal article about Wynn comps
Steve Wynn interview I found after recording the show
Room key/slot card combo
Manilow opens this week
Concerts in Vegas
Adios Las Vegas by Walt Hudson
FTC approves MGM-Mirage/Mandalay merger
Restaurant suggestions anyone?

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8 thoughts on “Five Hundy By Midnight 9: Few Winners at Wynn?

  1. Hi Tim,

    Another great show. As for restaurant recommondations our crew took this seriously. In our last trip four of us (two couples) went down together. Our food guru Tracey came with a list of “acceptable” restaurants she found by researching before the visit. When it was time to have dinner we turned to her. You mentioned some of those on this podcast. One you didn’t mention that we enjoyed was in the Golden Nugget.

  2. Another good show. I look forward to it.
    Might consider making the opening shorter and use some of the music for a closer.


  3. How about a show dedicated to ideas for bachelor parties in Vegas. We’ll be out there at year end for a friend who deserves the bash of all bashes.

    Great show – thanks!

  4. Hey Tim,

    The Golden Nugget restaurant that Cincie Sean and I loved was Lily Langtree’s. Chinese Food but very good and a great wine selection. We had the Wild Horse – excellent vintage.

    My wife (Tracey) and I were the other couple with Cinci Sean and his wife.

    And after dinner we drank up a storm at the Four Queens while playing 50 cent roullette. We drank as much as we lost (actually as much as I lost) so it was a wash.

  5. Tim,

    I’ve been listening to Five Hundy for about four or five weeks now, despite never having been to Vegas. The name first got me interested (I’m a big fan of Favreau’s Swingers), but the quality of the show keeps me listening. That recent discussion (on the last show or the one before that) about slot cards and which offers are really worth your time was a great feature – especially for people like myself who worry about visiting Vegas and not knowing the way things work there. Thanks for a great show.

    Oh – I dig the music immensely, too.

  6. Hey Tim
    Thanks for the great content and conversational style. Your show has a personal feel to it. I will now be informed of more shows as they come available thanks to RSS.
    Looking forward to the next show.

  7. Tim,

    The JEWISH ELVIS is a fantastic live show and I’m not alone…he is always up there in terms of $ every year…love your show…What do you think about the Maloof boys?

    all the best,


  8. Tim,
    great show as a podcaster wannabe your show inspires me. Plus like you LV is my favorite place on the planet and the Barbary Coast is my favorite casino. It amazes me how many LV regulars don’t know about it. You know what ? Good Let’s keep it our secret ! If it ever changes I will sit in front of the entrance and light myself on fire in protest.

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