Five Hundy by Midnight 103: Silent Hostility

Las Vegas podcast #103 includes:

  • Full House opening clip
  • Tim went to Las Vegas; Michele is hostile
  • Pussycat Dolls Casino details
  • Neteller bails
  • Beacher’s Madhouse returns with a new host
  • La Femme name change
  • Flamingo introduces mini pai-gow poker
  • The Pyramid? Really?
  • 21 movie
  • Flamingo Go Room review
  • Rio’s Lucky Strike bowling alley/nightclub
  • Renovations updates for Aladdin, Monte Carlo, Mirage and the Golden Nugget
  • Our latest Las Vegas photos

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19 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 103: Silent Hostility

  1. Hey! Tim & Michele may have missed the “dethroned Miss Neveda” story, BUT Sparky didn’t! I commented on that very story by posting a link on Jan 15th in the Episode 102 comments area.

    Tom, read your listener comments. LOL. Just kidding.

  2. In keeping with Tim’s mention of the possible name change for Luxor, rumor has it that a couple of the other former MRG hotels will also be following suit and taking on new, horrendously generic names. Word on the street is that the Excalibur will be renamed as “The Castle”, and Circus Circus will be renamed either as “The Pink Nightmare” or “Cesspool on the Strip”…I believe the jury is still out on that one.

  3. I believe that Tim might be the only man alive that loves the Hoff, yet doesn’t speak perfect German.

    Thanks for all of the updates on Miss Nevada (Even if nobody linked to the pictures that caused this uproar)… it’s good to see that the Green Valley Ranch hasn’t cornered the market on former Nevada beauty queens.

  4. Wait, there was a debate about Debbie Gibson’s superiority over Train? I figured that was one of those things that was just assumed and didn’t need to be stated.

  5. C’mon Tim, don’t you know the latest cool style is peeling wallpaper? It costs a fortune to put it up and get it to curl and peel off just right. You need to watch a little less Spike and a little more HGTV and you’d know these things.

  6. Darn…no mention of the MONKEY Poker Dome.

    Maybe they’ll have a Hall and Oates question up next.

  7. OK, we all know that already reported the pending sale of Hooters Casino Hotel (Las Vegas) to NTH Advisory Group, LLC….but did you know that NTH Advisory Group is working on a second project of a 350 room Hooters Casino Hotel in West Wendover, NV right on i-80 at the Nevada-Utah border. Hmm…..interesting….

    Wonder if they will have a “rack rate” there too?

  8. I’m not sure why you called the show ‘Silent Hostility’; she sounded openly hostile to me.

  9. I can’t wait to go to the Mirage and see those “ten high foot letters” you were talking about.

  10. You tell him, Michelle. And why did Tim go to Vegas and you got to stay home anyway?

  11. Not sure what the horse was there for… but 2007 is the year of the boar, so that must be why the boar was there.

    Specifically, 2007 is the year of the “fire pig”.
    What a magical animal; it could barbecue itself! And speaking of magical pigs, here’s a favorite Simpsons quote:

    Lisa: No, I can’t! I can’t eat any of them!
    Homer: Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. Lisa, honey, are you saying you’re never going to eat any animal again? What about bacon?
    Lisa: No.
    Homer: Ham?
    Lisa: No.
    Homer: Pork chops?
    Lisa: Dad! Those all come from the same animal!
    Homer: [chuckles] Yeah, right, Lisa. A wonderful, magical animal.

  12. I want to see a picture of the ten high foot letters that Michele painted on the garage wall while you were gone “F___ ___”

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