Five Hundy by Midnight 102: What’s New Pussycat?

Las Vegas podcast #102 includes:

  • Designing Women opening clip
  • Tropicana changes have begun
  • Wynn announces Spamalot details
  • Pussycat Dolls Pit coming to Caesars Palace
  • Paris Las Vegas tests EZ Baccarat
  • Las Vegas Advisor Pocketbook of Values
  • American Casino Guide coupons

Five Hundy By Midnight 1/13/07 (42:21 min, 38.9 MB)

17 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 102: What’s New Pussycat?

  1. Great show as usual – I’ve been looking at buying one of these publications, so your coupon shootout (:p) was very useful.

  2. Big Shot is good. Come on Michelle…..buck up and sacrifice yourself for the show!!! It would make a great audio clip.

    BTW the LVA coupon is a great deal. I like LVA’s Question of the Day (email) as well.

  3. “What’s New Pussycat” – Tim’s homage to the ultimate Vegas lounge singer Tom Jones.

  4. Another Fine Show.
    I use the POV from LV Advisor, it is a great value. I do not use most of the coupons, but the ones I do use make it worth the purchase, especially the 2 for 1’s

  5. We put two of the coupons you mentioned to good use: during our trip in August, we got facial treatments at the spa: it was a great opportunity to get a great treatment for much cheaper than any other spa in Vegas; last trip, we did the unlimited drinks at Ellis Island–I had about five of their renowned egg nogs…and somehow made it back to the Flamingo. Finally, using the ACG free drink coupons makes for a fun downtown pub crawl.

    PS: Michele, nice call on the Hooters “rack rate”: how long have you been waiting to use that line?

  6. Greg–
    Honestly, it came to me on the spur of the moment as we were doing the show. I only wish I could have planned that one.

  7. Easy Baccarat? How easier can Baccarat get? Player or Banker…duh! Dragon 7 and all of those sucker bets don’t sound much easier to me. What a tie wasn’t a big enough sucker bet. Besides, anything that originated at the Plaza is guaranteed to be doomed and likely has a big black sore like Jack Sparrow.

    Yeah, Rio used to have a Bikini Blackjack. The hook was that blackjacks only paid 6-5. I heard they yanked that area for a bowling alley. Nice move Harrah’s! You trying to cut in on the Gold Coast’s action next door? Sell that place please. You’ve vanilla-cized that place for far too many years.

  8. Could anyone from Minneapolis not suck on Idol? I think you 2 should have done your podcast and you would have won!!!!

  9. Tim and Michelle,

    You have a terrific show – I’ve been listening for several months – but only writing for the first time. I had found the podcast in prep for a visit to Vegas a few weekds ago. Had a great time and lots of stories – but one I wanted to be sure to share is that you need to get over to the Isla bar at TI next time you have an afternoon free – and if Augie is tending bar – order up a few rounds of her “special” Mai Tai’s. The 151 rum floated on the top is quite the kicker. Enjoy.

    My next trip is in about six weeks – so I’m sure I’ll write again.

  10. Let me clarify, that Idol comment was not a slam on 5Hundy at all. I was only saying that with everyone else sucking soooooooooo bad, Tim and Michelle could have made it a better show.

    Keep up the good work.

  11. I’m going to miss that free spin outside of the Tropicana… that’s the only thing my wife and I ever consistently won on. Sure the free deck of cards wasn’t much, but the coupon sheet they gave you with it always had that $10 match play coupon. When we stayed there a few years ago It was amazing how many people just threw that coupon sheet away. We picked up enough discarded coupons that we had a pleasant stop by the craps table every we left the casino and came back. Its hard to lose money playing those coupons.

  12. great show as usuall,
    im a fan already. listening to you every night..
    keep up the good work

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