Five Hundy by Midnight 101: Settling the Debate

Las Vegas podcast #101 includes:

  • Ray Romano opening clip
  • Tropicana update
  • Another Harrah’s exec leaves
  • Celine Dion closing date
  • Mamma Mia closing
  • Commander’s Palace closing
  • Palms buffet closing
  • We won two 2006 Trippies
  • The Hofbrauhaus debate

Five Hundy By Midnight 1/7/07 (37:17 min, 34.3 MB)

8 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 101: Settling the Debate

  1. Congrats on the award, certainly deserved. I don’t know the numerical results but I wouldn’t be surprised if that category wasn’t even competitive – I have a feeling you were way out in front. Good work!

  2. HoeBoy, HowBrow, Hoffa House–however you want to pronounce it, it is still Hooters to me.

  3. Canada!

    Isn’t Manitoba just north of you? I would expect that from a southerner but someone from Minnesota.

    My God, mounties and John Canady!

    I am shocked.

  4. great show.. congrats on your award! Bellagio and Wynn are both tops, for sure.. But for managing to come up with a very modern rendition of pure class, I personally have to go with the Wynn. The style is so unique.. hip, but not “cold” like some hotels like the W can sometimes seem. Also, Bellagio might have won best poker room, but I play professionally and I personally prefer Wynn’s poker room. *shrugs* they are both amazing proprerties, though.

    -=- christopher

    my blog “While Las Vegas Sleeps…”

  5. T and M –

    Congrats on the 101 shows and the Trippies. I’ve been an active listener since show #68 and enjoy my weekly vegas fix.


    As for the website, I like the fresh banner updates, this one is much better than the Beatle’s love banner, but almost as good as the personalized tags on the buick. You should do what Google does and keep your old banners in an on-line archive for viewing posterity.

    However, your button icons are fairly weak: What’s with the 4 Aces? Is that part of a good poker hand or is it a really bad blackjack hand? And what about the dice? A 4? It’s not even a hardways 4. And the stack of Chips. White Chips? Those are usually worth a buck, so, we’re looking at $8. The martini glass is good, but the booze doesn’t reflect the angle of the glass.

    – CB

  6. It’s clip art… you’ve gotta use what you can find. Four aces is a pretty nice little poker hand, by the way.

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