Gone Fishing

Sorry… no show this week. We’ll have plenty to talk about next weekend.


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  1. Tim & Michelle,

    A well deserved break. You guys deserve it. Have fun and looking forward to your next podcast.

    Hey, also wanted to ask when you ate at the Wynn, you mentioned you did a fixed priced menu at one of their restaurants. What was that restaurant again? Was it good.


  2. Enjoy the well earned rest.

    Gives me a chance as well to finally get around to listening to the fabled podcast number one.

    And Tims predictions.

    Planet Hollywood takeover nearly compleated Jan 2005 ???

    Glad the Lionel Richie prediction was out, he tours around these parts annualy – would miss out here.

    Whatever DID happen to that giant Clown Head ?

    Cirque tickets reaching saturation and shows closing down. Thats not a prediction, unfortuantly its a mere dream for most of us.

  3. Michelle and Tim

    My Wife and I look forward to you Podcast every Sunday after dinner.Taking a week off is unacceptable and we will not put up with it.
    There fore we will be going to Bills Gambling Hall and put your name on the preferred list


  4. Michelle and Tim, Enjoy — this will only build the anticipation for next week. Catch some big stories during the fishing. Do waders count as shoes Michelle?

  5. For those not from Minnesota, Opening Day for fishing is considered a statewide holiday. I believe they passed some laws years ago that no business may be conducted on that day (the only exception is for bait shops). In fact, unless you are in the hospital on life support, all Minnesotans are expected to be fishing no later than 10AM. (Of course the real Minnesotans will be out there by 7AM but the 10AM rule is to accomodate the tourists who don’t know any better.)

  6. Hi Guys,

    I guess Chris saw me in the bathroom while in vegas. =D

    I have listened to a few of your podcasts and they are great. Can they be converted WMA format? I am going listen to many of them on my next trip to vegas & can’t wait to drunk dial you guys.


  7. I guess the rumors about Tim replacing Hasselhoff in The Producers are true. The rest of The Plan should come together in pretty short order now:
    – Tim takes 50% interest in Paris in lieu of salary.
    – Michele opens an ultra exclusive, bacon-themed shoe emporium in Forum Shoppes ( Oinkus Strappamus: Free BLT’s while you shop), eventually seizing control of all sandwich and footwear action in Vegas.
    – They both cash out and do an LBO of The Mall of America, closing it immediately for a “slight re-theming”:

    Or maybe they’re just busy…


  8. i did not see a snackus maximus mention while tony soprano was at caesars

  9. Michele,

    Thanks for the info. I took a look at their website and like to check out their fixed price menu at Daniel Bouland Brasserie next time I am in Vegas. Also, from your past podcasts, I remember a caller saying that they have improved the El Cortez. Usually, not my cup of tea, but looking at recent trip advisor comments, the rooms are pretty good and clean. So have to also check it out when I am there. Anybody, here stayed at the El Cortez recently?


  10. If anyone gets a chance, see if you can catch the new Resident Evil:Extinction movie trailer. Looks like it takes place in a post-apocalyptic Las Vegas (which i believe is on the movies.yahoo.com site) It’s pretty neat , yet disturbing, to see the beloved strip all blown up and full of sand. One thing I noticed was that Excalibur was completely blown away …. guess that was a main target.

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