Five Hundy by Midnight 128: Octavius Maximus

Las Vegas podcast #128 includes:

  • Pimp My Ride opening clip
  • Caesars Palace announces Octavius Tower and other renovations
  • Wynn’s Lure becomes new Blush nightclub
  • Golden Gate modernizes
  • Introducing Dear Tim and Michele
  • Listener calls about New Frontier closing, shows at Las Vegas Hilton, Planet Hollywood and Westin Casuarina, loose slots, the Golden Nugget pool, El Cortez and more
  • No show next week

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33 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 128: Octavius Maximus

  1. Speaking of “occasional” items, what happened to my favorite “The Five Hundy by Midnight Tip of the Week!”

    And speaking of production value, don’t dis that great intro to the TOTW. What’s better than the theme music from Dig Dug?

  2. Haven’t listened yet so don’t knwo fi you brought it up, but thought you might like to know, We saw the Scintas in Niagara Falls on Friday and they announced that they had signed with the Hilton a half an hour before the show.

    Damn, the perfect time to call and you could have gotten it into the show as a first.


  3. Five Hundy By Midnight, the Original Las Vegas Podcast, brought to you by Baconsalt, the orginal bacon salt.

    Michele, Can you just add Baconsalt to a regular martini to make a bacon martini?

  4. Just heard that Harrahs are planning to downsize the snack bars around the pools to make way for more kabannahs.

    They are renaming it Snackus Minimus.

  5. Enjoy your week off, you will be missed.

    I don’t know what I enjoy more, your info or your ramblings? Either way I love the podcast Michele and Tim and Tim and Michele.

  6. A tip for people planning on going to Vegas within the next year and like mexican food. Border Grill at Mandalay Bay is run by the “Two Hot Tamales” chefs Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger. Its located beside the pool area so if you sit on the patio you can enjoy the shade and the view. is having a deal – 70% the price of gift certificates! So right now you can get a $25 gift certificate for Border Grill for $3! There is some fine print but the main restrictions are: Valid w/ a min purchase of $50. Tax, tip, & alcohol additional. Dine-in only. Not valid holidays. Just type “Present” into the code area at check out and recalculate the total. Good til July 31st. (this code works for all of the coupons – you might find something else in Vegas or in your hometown as well!)

    My husband and I have been to the Border Grill on our last two trips to Vegas and the food has been fantastic. My husband said the chicken chilaquiles was the best thing he has ever eaten! Plus the ambiance on the patio is great! The prices for the entrees are under $20 so we “HAD” to get dessert in order to make our bill $50 (darn!). MMM mexican chocolate mousse!

    Sorry this is so long but I thought it was a good deal and wanted to share.

  7. I stayed at the El Cortez once. I too turned on the TV and heard their “theme song”. Now that I have listened to this show, and the dude who drunk dialed and sang it, I have it firmly implanted in my head!!! I can’t get that song out!!!

    El Cortez Hotel and Casino:
    The place to stay.
    The place to play!
    El Cortez Hotel and Casino!!

    It just plays over and over in my head!! Even with the big glissando and accent at the end!!!

    Please kill me now!!

  8. Hey gang, tomorrow’s Question of the Day on LVA:

    Now that the New Frontier is closed and the auction is set for July 26th, do you know if another casino bought that mechanical horse racing game they had in the back of the casino? Luxor has one that races camels, but do you know of any other casinos that offer this game?

  9. Chris in Richmond – The New Frontier’s Sigma Derby game was not auctioned or sold and I have not found out its destination or even if there is a second life for that machine.

    The last remaining Sigam Derby in Las Vegas is in the MGM. Caesars, Luxor, Excaliber, Riviera, Imperial Palace and Bally’s have all removed their Sigma Derby machines.

  10. Just in case you’re watching the news about the Minneapolis bridge collapse, we wanted to let everyone know we’re OK. Thanks to everyone who’s asked. The whole scene is completely surreal.

  11. Been watching the coverage both national and via your local stations streaming for the past 2.5 hours.

    Very intense and our thoughts are with everybody. Thanks for posting to let us know you guys are OK.

  12. Same here.

    Tried to get on this morning but the site was overloaded. Must be nice to be loved around the world.


  13. Thanks, Michele for letting us know that you’re OK. You & Tim were immediately who I thought of when I heard the news (because I don’t know anybody else in the Twin Cities). Glad to know all is well in the Dressen household.


  14. What has happening to Vegas ? Thugs, Gangsta’s and Hip Hop are runing this City…”Sin City” and “It’s Vegas Baby” doesn’t mean you can act like criminals. Last week I saw 4 incidents where a group of “Hip Hop” thugs started fights or walked ran) out of a food establishment with out paying their bill.One incident happend when a man and his girl walked over to look into the window of a Ferrari parked in front Caesars and 3 thugs cam out of nowhere and knocked him down and started kicking him. While my wife and I were eating a Margeritville I just happen to look out the window and watch at least 5-6 “thugs” beat up a man because he could not move his baby stroller out of their way as they were crossing the street infront to the Flamingo. They got out of their car in the middle of LV Blvd and started hitting this guy and then drove off. 5 years ago I felt very safe to walk down the strip , but it has all changed. For the rest of the week we took cab’s everywhere we went. I can’t believe that all of the Casino’s think that catering to the Hip Hop, Rap , NBA and even the new “Ultra Lounge” crowd is good for business. I’ll start spending my dollars somewhere else.

  15. Tim and Michelle,

    Glad to hear that you guys are okay, thought of you when I heard about that bridge collapsing.


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