Five Hundy by Midnight 127: Detheming Las Vegas

Las Vegas podcast #127 includes:

  • Johan Santana and Bert Blyleven opening clip
  • New Frontier closes in a few hours
  • RoyVegas covers New Frontier closing
  • MGM Mirage dethemes Luxor
  • Caesars remodels Forum Tower
  • Potential Gold Spike owner wants to turn crack house into a boutique
  • New York New York shooting
  • Monorail numbers up, but not enough
  • Neon Museum Boneyard tours
  • Real World Las Vegas Reunited ends. Let the healing begin.
  • $50 Cirque du Soleil ticket deal
  • Listener calls about Stripburger, The Deuce, 7/7/07, Olives, Rapid Roulette, fruity drinks, Olives at Bellagio, sigma derby and much more

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12 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 127: Detheming Las Vegas

  1. Sure the Neon Boneyard sounds like fun and the pictures they have are nice trying to get you to go there but what no one tells you is, well remember when you two were talking about is there a non safe part of town? This is one of those areas. The Boneyard is on the corner of E McWilliams and Encanto. North of Las Vegas Blvd and Bonanza. If you have Google Earth you can see the slipper at 36 10 38.71 N 115 08 03.85 W and the other lot houses the pirate from TI at 36 10 35.99 N 115 08 06.55 W It is less than 1 mile north of Fremont.

  2. Hey Troy-

    The surrounding areas that the boneyard sits in certainly do look rather “undesirable”, but since all tours are during the day, I never felt any danger at all.
    Of course, I was so pumped to finally be taking this tour, I also didn’t even notice the 117 degree weather. Lots of people dropped out due to the heat.

  3. Troy> Thanks for giving Michele a new set of numbers to play roulette with.

  4. Tim,

    You’re a better man than me, making it through the entire Real World Vegas reunion. I lasted 15 minutes of the first show.

  5. I’m still curious why we don’t see a review of “Sin City Diaries” from, uh, Skinemax.

  6. Tim,

    I have to agree with Scott J., I only tried to watch the Real World LV for the first 3 shows and then I had to give up. Only watched it for the shots of Vegas. Definately Train-wreck TV.

  7. Well, now that Real World Las Vegas Reunited is history, Tim might want to review another “Vegas based” reality show. HGTV will premiere the second season of Design Star 2007 on Sunday, July 22, 10PM ET (in Vegas).

    OK, contain your excitement, LOL. I think that’s the Planet Ho casino in the “sneak peek” online videos. Can’t be any worse than that MTV train wreck.

  8. It’s Saturday Night …after a few drinks . My wife say’s let’s go to Vegas ….I say I could use a real Bacon Martini……….. then I get on the the internet ….the next thing you know Iam keying in my cc card number and I book 3 nights at the Flamingo for next week. 7/24-28 …….to much wine….I hope I can get off work !
    T&M..I’ll call in and give an update ……..wish me luck

  9. well I am gonna miss the old girl that is for sure….I know that Tim isn’t…but I am……I have a pic of the old girl on my myspace page, well at least the small sign near the valet area

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