Las Vegas podcast #165 includes:

  • It Could Happen Here opener
  • Listener reports about Palazzo, Luxor detheming, Planet Hollywood, Excalibur’s bad service, Tropicana, Sam’s Town, blue tape, Rio’s Masquerade Show in the Sky, Cher, Jersey Boys, MGM Grand, Vegas Club entertainment and much more
  • In defense of Tropicana
  • Hooker Alley
  • The least known huge jackpot at MGM
  • Contest reminder.
  • Five Hundy’s single-city East Coast tour
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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15 Responses to “Five Hundy by Midnight 165: With This Podcast, I Thee Wed”

  1. 1 Dan north of Toronto

    Thanks for playng my comments,

    This is a location for our room at the Pilazzo.

    The first one is a picture of the Barney’s flyers which advertise a personal shopper for male or female.

    I am sure you are looking for that Tim.


  2. 2 Dan north of Toronto

    We te at the Grand Luxe Cafe three times during the week and found t excellant.

    We went with my brother who loves Chicken Pot Pie, He was amazed at the size and the quality.

    We then went for lunch. I had a buffalo chicken sandwiich which great.

    Finally, a brekfast buffet, which included bothe juice and coffee for $15,50 and was very good as well.

    The good news is that we finally realized that we should be charging to our room, which we did and was comped on check out.

    If all this sounds familiar then it should come as no surprise that the Grand Luxe is actually a glorfied Cheesecake Factory with which it is associated.


  3. 3 Chris from Dallas

    One follow up about confusing Rio personel. This is new to me. There are now roving women with “Massage” writen on the backs of their uniforms. And yes, they give shoulder massages to people playing at table games or slots. Also, they just badger the hell out of you. I honestly thought at first she was a prostitute.

    Unbelievable. Not sure why Rio continues to try to be the most awkward place to be in town.

  4. 4 David Williams

    I wish the person who was disappointed at the comps at the MGM would have given more details. All he said was that they played a lot–what? Slots? They register automatically. If it was table games they comp less and you have to be playing much more than the minimums to get noticed.

    More details please.

  5. 5 Eric From Vegas

    Thoughts on the In-n-Out.

    Personally, I’m not one who likes too much meat in my burger, so what I like to get is 2 cheeseburgers “Animal Style”, although, the Double-Double IS the signature burger, a side of fries (you can order these animal style too), and an iced tea.

    If you REALLY like the taste of meat in your burger, though, you can order a 4×4.

    They don’t serve bacon at In-n-Out, though.

    Thoughts on Chris from above.

    That is the new Vegas service in town. Go into any of the Strip Casinos and just off strip Casinos and you’ll see the Massage Girls roaming the Poker Rooms. Never gotten one myself, since to me, it’s not a massage without a happy ending, and there’s no way I’m getting one of those in a room full of people, so there’s that.

  6. 6 Chris from Dallas

    To Eric:

    Thanks for the clarification! It was new to me, but I don’t spend much time in poker rooms. I was kind of put off by the way she came up behind me while playing slots and just started rubbing my shoulders. I admit I just about jumped through the roof! After polietly declining, she started in with the “well, have you ever gotten one here? do you know what you’re missing?”. It was pretty much a pressure sale that I continued to decline. I just saw it as more awkwardness from Rio, but if it’s happening all over town, that’s good to know. Thanks for the info.

    Also, I do agree that the happy ending would be tough in a full room. 🙂

  7. 7 Black Hills Boozehound

    Headed to Vegas in August (got tix for Jerry Seinfeld @ Caesar’s, I’m sure the announcement that he’s canceling will be on the next podcast); hoping to see that the MGM progessive single-slot machine still hasn’t paid out.

    Great podcast, Nostradamus would be proud.


  8. 8 Mark

    Re: DC comments on country/artist. There is a band called The Australian Pink Floyd Show. It is an event for Pink Floyd fans. You don’t see them on the stage as impersonators. You will think that you are really at a Pink Floyd concert. The original Pink Floyd band likes them so much that they gave them all of their old gear. They have the projectors, screens, inflatables, and so on. I played in a rock band several years ago and it’s hard to do good Pink Floyd music. TAPFS does it amazingly. Check their website. It is a must see show if you are from that musical era.
    That is the only exception I can think of to my agreement with DC. I don’t want to see the Iranian Bee Gees or the Singapore Lynard Skynard or the Chilean Led Zeppelin or the French Celine Dion. lol

  9. 9 Trey from Dallas

    Thanks for reading my email on the show. You guys mentioned a sign you saw on one of your trips. Is this the sign?

    I will be back in Vegas in June for my brother’s 30th birthday. We are going to do the $20 trick, so we will definitely report in & maybe do a drunk dial or two.

  10. 10 Boog

    The Iraqi Beach Boys

  11. 11 Scot from NLV

    I did see the Australian BeeGees at South Point and they were not that bad. The tickets were a gift, I would’t have paid to get in. Some grannies were sure dancing, one was hooked to o2. My wife and I were betting if she would drop or not. If I were single and 10 years older, I know I could have scored…easy. Sorry for the picture I just put in everyone’s head.

  12. 12 Dave Lifton

    Weren’t the Bee Gees originally from Australia?

  13. 13 Jay

    French Celine Dion? As in French Canadian? Ha Ha

    IIRC, BeeGees came from the British Isles. They did live in Australia when they were kids.

  14. 14 Chris from San Francisco

    Las Vegas Hilton

    Well, I am back from my trip and let me say the room was okay. The bathroom was small and a little on the old side but clean. Should mention that I stayed in the East towers on the 18th floor this trip. Though, I want to mention that I got a really great room when I was staying in the Central towers from a previous trip. So luck of the draw , I guess.

    Overall, I was pretty satisfied. However, I got a really cheap vacation package deal. Where I think the problem is if I had paid $200/night with the Hilton brand name, I think then the room would not have met my expectations.

    The monorail worked great and is in a good location at the LV Hilton which I know isn’t the case with the other hotels. But, if you go directly to the MGM and know which exit to take, you can get to the front lobby pretty fast. The $9 daily pass is a pretty good deal.

    Also want to say the Tix 4 tonight booths can give you some pretty good deals. Saw David Copperfield at the MGM and was pretty impressed.

    Finally, I also want to salute Jackie Gaughan from the El Cortez hotel. The man is a legend and it is cool to have him live in the hotel and playing poker with the customers. A real nice guy, from what I have heard. Stayed there last year dirt cheap and it was a great deal. Normally, I usually stay somewhere nicer on the strip, but if you are on a very tight budget and no frills don’t bother you, the El Cortez is a viable option comparable to a well maintained Motel 6. Different experience of course from Palazzo, but for what you pay, can’t expect a Mercedes.

  15. 15 Troy from Las Vegas

    There is NO Cirque Du Soleil in the Cher show. The two shows are not associated with each other.

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