Five Hundy by Midnight 166: A Web of Vegasy Goodness

Las Vegas podcast #166 includes:

  • Late Show opener
  • Vegas Tripping
  • Vegas Links
  • Las Vegas Advisor
  • Send your top five lists
  • Listener calls about the Rush concert, Luxor deals, Palazzo, Ms. Hawaiian Tropic, Mirage disappointments, Palms, Venetian, dancing on the valentine, Venetian and Main Street Station promotions, video poker at bars, Love, eBay slots, drunk tipping, cabs taking the tunnel and more
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

Five Hundy By Midnight 5/18/08 (61 min, 56 MB)

21 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 166: A Web of Vegasy Goodness

  1. First she was chowing on a beef tendon. Then she was drinking. Then she was sleeping. Seems like a pretty good life.

  2. Can only think of one ( well two ) things that should stay in Vegas … me and the wife!

    Ok we went to see “What Happens in Vegas” over the weekend. Just one question – winning a jackpot on a Double Diamond with one coin ( credit ) now surely we all know jackpots are only available on max bets, sums up the movie really. Nice Planet Ho shots though ( including the Buffet set in the middle of the casino floor ? ).

  3. Another wonderful podcast… the taxi tips were great, can’t wait for the opportunity to accost a cabbie with, “Hey, are you longhauling me?”

    Have a great time in Atlantic City, looking forward to your impressions and experiences (but will miss the lack of show next week).


  4. Heard the comments about the Miss Hawaiian Tropic International Model Pagent. Found the website here…. Was done on a stage setup between Mermaids and Binionsand across from the Golden Nugget who sponsored the show. Some were nice to look at others…well I don’t know. Like it said it “International”. Enough said? Love your show. Listen every week. Will be going in less than 3 weeks. Will try and do a drunk-call or two. I will wait until I am shit-hammered. Keep up the good work ya’ll.

  5. Thanks So Much.

    It’s exciting and much appreciated to be mentioned on the podcast. I’m glad you guys find my little blog as a decent resource to get your Vegas link fix. On any given day I can go down my list of links and get lost in Vegasy Goodness for an hour or two.

    What’s great about the Blog World is that you have all these people with a passion for Vegas all contributing content which they want nothing more to do than to share. I just put a roadmap of how to get to it a little easier by categorizing each particular area of interest.

    It really was the spawn of just saying, what would I like to have for myself if I was doing Vegas research for an upcoming trip and then compiling it.

    The research and planning of my Vegas trips is almost as fun as the trip itself (I might be a little obsessive about it though).

    Thanks again for the mention.

  6. Tim,
    Favorites lose every once in a while you know.
    Michele, I’m impressed with your horse racing knowledge. There indeed is a ringer coming in from Japan for the Belmont. His name is Casino Drive. I would still stick with Big Brown though. I’ve never seen a horse accelerate like BB did in the Preakness at the top of the stretch. BB is the next coming of Secretariat, you heard it here first. Too bad they’re not going to run him as a 4 year old.
    Tim, I know my beer rant was long and disjointed and non-Vegas related, but I just want the listners to know that the gist of it was Bud Light Lime – Good. Miller Chill – Bad.

  7. When it comes to Las Vegas websites I routinely am checking a half dozen sites, blogs and podcasts. There’s just so much going on. Vegasgang podcasts are a great addition to the mix. It really takes a ( virtual ) roomful of people to bring their knowledge to the table and compare notes.

  8. Hey, I heard a while back that you were putting together a list for all the vegas games, like ‘Pro or No’ or ‘Spot the Foobs’. Just seeing if we will see that soon.

  9. My wife loves Duran Duran, but the tickets at The Joint at The Hard Rock (which is a horrible casino and the construsion is reeking havoc on access) were over a $100 for standing and over $250 for a special table.

    No thanks.


  10. My husband and I just went to AC last weekend. We have been getting offers from Harrah’s for free junkets. It was awesome since the airfare, room and transportation from the airport (usually a $30+ cab ride) was all free. I don’t remember if you were diamond the last time you went. A couple of tips. If you show your diamond card at Borgata, they upgrade you to black label and give you $100 in free play and $20 comp dollars. You can use the comp dollars to get two buffets for $10 each(for being black label) or use it to enter their lounge. Sort of like a diamond club.
    There is a similar deal at Trump. You get upgraded and you get $50 comp dollars. With both you also get a free room. I am not sure but I think it may be for new members only.
    The diamond lounges in AC have pretty much full buffets and are open earlier than the ones in Vegas.
    Lastly if you like Gyros, there is a great little restaurant on the boardwalk called Bill’s. We also like the Irish Pub.
    Have fun!!!

  11. Love the podcast! Just some minor corrections if you care. It is Terry, not Jay or Jerry with the report from Moorea(topless pool at Mandalay Bay). Yeah, I always get free drinks at the video poker bars at Mandalay Bay with max coins play. Yeah, Palazzo did have a look and feel like the Borgata, even though Palazzo is suppose to be for the super high rollers. Love to hear what you think when you do see both.

    Disclaimer: all of my calls are drunk dials.

  12. Hey Terry… sorry about getting your name wrong. I’m glad to hear Mandalay reversed course on its no-drinks-for-bartop-players policy. It was lame.

    We’ve seen Borgata before and dig it. We look forward to visiting again in a few days.

  13. The only thing I have stolen while living here in Las Vegas is the virtue of many a young maiden…

  14. Taxi drivers get paid like this-
    They get 40-60% of the fare depending on if they have to pay for their own gas. They also get the tips they are given.
    The more fares they take the more tips they get so a taxi driver will do whatever to get as many rides as they can which includes using back alleys and such avoiding the Strip which can be very crowded at times.
    Think about it this way too- If you are a passenger in a smelly cab, would you rather the driver get you to your destination as quickly as possible or take the slowest way possible?

  15. The typical Taxi Driver in Las Vegas makes net around 40% of the meter as their BASE wage. There is no hourly guarnteed wage or anything called overtime for a cabbie. No holidays off, no sick time, most have no vacations or health benefits. Some shifts are 10 hours, most however are 12.

    The reasons for not using the congested strip has to do with using one’s time wisely. One’s own time and that of the paying customer as taxi meters run on distance AND time. Sitting in traffic costs money, yours. We would be perfectly legal to sit in a clogged strip running up the meter on most people as the law says take the most direct route.

    BTW it is illegal for a cabbie to load anyplace in Clark County but at a Hotel taxi stand. This is because cabbies run things and want to help out Steve Wynn when ever we can.

  16. Dave-
    Yep but as Loren Adams said- “What is understood, need not be discussed.” 🙂

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