Five Hundy by Midnight 174: We’re All In for All In

Vegas Podcast-A-Palooza

Las Vegas podcast #174 includes:

  • All You Can Eat Paradise opener
  • Cosmopolitan update
  • Sahara plans
  • CityCenter retail
  • We get sidetracked by All In: The Poker Musical, rumors of Mariah Carey in negotiations to play at Planet Hollywood, and bad tattoos.
  • Listener calls: Harrah’s New Orleans, pornslappers vs. timeshare drones, Bette Midler show review, Snackus Maximus, price shopping for hot dogs, WSOP, Sexy Tat or Trashy Tat, fishy smell at Golden Gate and much more
  • Vegas Podcast-a-Palooza
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16 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 174: We’re All In for All In

  1. Tim,

    You need to learn the code. “Young Hip Party Crowd” translates to “people with proper footwear”. For two long those with good, fashionable shoes have been turned away in droves by $500 Gold Bond Powder table service or the three Dr. Sholl’s pad minimums.

  2. The Cosmopolitan has always been problematic. One theory I’ve heard is that MGM Grand is waiting for real estate prices to bottom out and pick up the property as is to be used for its extensive parking strucure since the parking is underground ( about 9 levels ). The Cosmo blocks the view of the Bellagio fountains if it goes up but MGM ( they probably wish they had bought the land ) could do well to expand City Center there.

  3. About “All In” the poker musical, are running in comic form some suggestions for songs.

    And I’ve gotten carded at Gold Coast, at the age of 35, when ordering their Monterey Room $9.95 T-Bone Special which included a beer. Must’ve been because I had recently shaved or my innate youthful good looks.

  4. Are the timeshare hucksters being more respectful of passersby or have they simply faded away and returned to their first jobs as used car salesmen and car wash attendants now that you can’t get anyone to buy real estate even if you held a gun to their head?

  5. Oh hell yes! I am so happy to look bad, and score the coveted “last call of the show” slot!! 🙂

  6. I believe the note about the Sahara coffee shop was in the Will Winslow guide by Dave Schwartz / Die Is Cast.

    Regarding Cosmo, I have doubts MGM Mirage is interested, though of course if it got cheap enough, anyone would be into it.

  7. Regarding police on the Strip. I have read several places that the number of officers stays the same, the only difference is if they are in uniform or plainclothes. Last summers shootings led to the increase of uniformed officers and cruisers. It seems the reports of violence on the Strip are much lower than last year, though. Cops don’t bother me, they’ve seen drunken, pudgy, middle aged guys staggery by before.

  8. I drive a 2002 red PT Cruiser. No beater. Nothing pimped out. Just an average car.
    Funny ’cause as memory serves I was wearing a $500 suit and a hundred dollar tie. Nothing too nice but not an “I’m with stupid” or “I hate infidels” t-shirt either.
    Here is a picture of the tint job and “The Castle” where I was living in when I first moved to Las Vegas reflected in the window.

  9. When we arrived home from Vegas in May, my wife discovered a $50 ticket she hadn’t cashed.

    She called and they said to send it to them and they would mail her a cheque.

    Haven’t seen it yet but I assume they will honor their commitment.

    BTW I woudn’t lsiten to Troy about Bette. I don’t beleive he is a man of good taste.


  10. Boy, the clothes msut make the man. $500 suit and $100 tie. Obviously not shopping at the outlet malls.

  11. Well, I WAS on my way to see The Time. Had to look good.

    I forget who it was that had the ticket that they forgot to cash? I can cash it for you and Paypal or send a personal check for the ticket amount. let me know.

  12. BTW one further comment on Bette’s Harlettes.

    They are supposed to be that way That’s the point.

    Katey Sagal of “Married with Children” was a Harlette and I would suspect based her portayal of the character on what happens when a Harletted gets married.


  13. I asked the woman at the IP front desk if I could have a room away from the Carnival Court noise.

    She put me in a penthouse suite.

  14. Though it isn’t really relevant to anything in the last podcast, I thought that since you appear to be fans both of bacon and new sorts of martinis, I thought you might take an interest in the following… Pork martinis… not a good thing I suspect, but I haven’t actually tried one…).

    On a potentially more digestible note, it would appear from comments in the blog linked below that the Double Down Saloon is home of the original ‘bacon martini’.

    Enjoy! I’ll have to stop by the Double Down soon and see if they still offer this… My apologies if you’ve already discovered and/or mentioned this – I’m a relative newcomer to your listener base. They mention it on their home page, so I rather imagine that it’s still available (and reasonably popular) there.

    As always – thanks for a great podcast!

    ‘Downtown’ Bob

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