Another Award Nomination

Trippies 2008 : Best of Las Vegas
On the heels of our Podcast Awards nomination for best travel podcast, we are honored to again be in the running for the Vegas Tripping Trippie Award for best Las Vegas podcast. As always, you can vote for your favorites and least favorites in a couple dozen categories. If you dig Five Hundy by Midnight, please throw us a vote. Thanks to Vegas Tripping for putting together the always-fun Trippies and congratulations to all of the nominees.


7 Responses to “Another Award Nomination”

  1. 1 Paul from Boston

    You got my vote

  2. 2 Dan north of Toronto

    Mine too

  3. 3 joe sedita

    got my vote too, by the way does anitamartini ever work ? she sure twitters alot…

  4. 4 Michele

    That’s funny– I was thinking I hadn’t posted as much lately because it’s been so busy at work.

  5. 5 Joey

    Congrats T&M! How many years in a row have you guys been up for a Trippe now?

  6. 6 joe sedita

    sorry Michele i was just picking on u…

  7. 7 Michele

    Joe– no worries.

    Thanks to everyone who’s voted for us! We appreciate the support.

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