Five Hundy by Midnight 186: What Would Matthew Modine Do?

Trippies 2008 : Best of Las Vegas

Las Vegas podcast #186 includes:

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20 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 186: What Would Matthew Modine Do?

  1. Forget the bacon, you do know that now you will be deluged with candy corn links.

    Not that we get any of it here, our loss huh.

  2. Hi,

    I may be stranded here in Sin City for Halloween, since a buddy may not make it because of work. If that happens, I like to see I can find a fellow traveler here who like to catch some drinks and check out all the festivities during this time.

    Possibly down on his luck in Vegas, but not yet

  3. I think the reason that the Palms is allowed to accept NBA bets is that Gary Loveman of Harrah’s has a small stake in the Celtics and Harrah’s properties are still allowed to take NBA action.

  4. Tim, you said you worked at a video store many years ago. In Five-Hundy-speak, shouldn’t that simply be “more than a year ago”?

  5. donnymac said “I think the reason that the Palms is allowed to accept NBA bets is that Gary Loveman of Harrah’s has a small stake in the Celtics and Harrah’s properties are still allowed to take NBA action”

    Yep, that is the reason. Since Harrah’s was allowed to take bets on all but the Celtics games the Palms owners asked for similar conditions thus being allowed to take bets on all NBA teams except the Kings.

  6. Thanks for the show!
    I’ve been waiting a long time for this show. Since it’s the last one we’ll hear before we’re off for our week in Vegas for Halloween. I’ll try to report back with what we find.

  7. My heart was just breaking for the guy that got his trip canceled at the last minute. I hope we hear back from him.

    I don’t know about anyone else but I get panic attacks the whole two weeks leading up to my Vegas trips because I have so much riding on them working out. God for-fucking-bid anything came up to take those Vegas trips away.

    It was bad enough last year getting violently ill half way into my trip.


  8. 1. Candy corn is fantastic. Can’t get enough of it. I’d like to see candy bacon as well.

    2. Somehow I ended up with a Canadian quarter. I’ve gotten Canadian quarters all my life (especially when I was living in Minnesota) and never had an issue with them, but twice in two days Las Vegas businesses have rejected my Canadian coin, saying they don’t accept “foreign” money. This comes at a time when the Canadian dollar is actually STRONGER than the American dollar. WTF?

  9. Hello! I need some assistance for a Vegas trip! 2 things:

    1 – I am getting married the day of the WSOP final table (Nov 9th). Does anyone know when the final table play begins? I want to swing by the Rio in my dress with my bridesmaids to try and get on ESPN. :-). I love poekr and this would be a dream!

    2 – the night before I have a group of ~ 20 girls who wants to go dancing. I heard that jump-the-line passes (or VIP passes) sometimes are handed out for some of the clubs at the hotel or at Fashion Show Mall. I’m looking to go to Pure @ Caesars or Jet @ Mirage. Does anyone know the best place to ‘find’ these passes?

    Tim, Michelle – I love you guys! I run toy our podcasts so thanks for keeping my runs interesting!

  10. Kate- suggestion. Don’t bother with Pure if you want to do any dancing. They put wayyy too many people into the joint. So many that you can’t even lift our arms because you’re packed in like sardines.

    JET is cool with the five different rooms, and Body English IMO is the best joint to get your groove on.

    Have a blast!

  11. WSOP 10:00AM Sunday the 9th. They’ll go from 9 players to 2. Final 2 play 10:00PM Monday the 10th. ESPN will air both on the 11th, I believe, so they won’t have their normal editing time. Which means a well placed bride-to-be could get on TV. Stand up after a big hand, don’t wave at the camera, and above all no “Baba Booey!”s.


    PS. I’m the one marrying her…

  12. How does one get nominated for a Trippie? Is there a “write in” space? I would like to get danny gans sucks dot com nominated.

  13. Hey everyone, Tim, Michelle. Since there is no forum here, I pose this question to all. If you had the $$$$$, what type or theme casino/hotel would you build. Be brief, but include shows, dining, etc.

    I would do a Key West type theme. Jimmy Buffet to entertain, Sloppy Joes for a bar/restaurant. Huge pool area with art deco type cabanas.

  14. If for some reason you don’t win a Trippie, I suggest you create your own award and give it to yourself. Perhaps this year you’ll win a HUNDY?!? Hmmm….?

  15. Kate

    Sorry, but the final table will be played in the Penn and Teller Theater. You’ll need tickets to get in, and I suspect they’ll be harder to get than the line passes you’re looking for.

    Mark from Chicago

    Um – that sounds alot like the Flamingo, and I’m pretty sure the Fountainbleu is a Southern Florida theme as well. If you are more interested in the alternative lifestyle aspect of Key West, then NYNY is for you.

  16. Lion Share update.

    I was there on Thursday night and it was out of order but checked back Friday and it was back up and running. I won $80 out of it, not the $2mil but I will take it.

    Sigma Derby had all but one station working as far as I saw, very busy at night, not so much earlier in the day.

    Took advantage of Ballys two cent Tuesday, it was a decent stay.

    A tip for foreign visitors, the casinos don’t charge the exchange fee for currency that you will often pay at home before you go.

    In the spirit of keeping it a budget trip we took the shuttle bus for the first time from the airport.It did take longer but it can be made more entertaining by betting on what hotels you think your co passengers are going to if you aren’t one of the first stops.I would take the shuttle again during daytime hours, not sure it would depart as often during the evening.

    This was my 5th trip this year and by far the most fun and done the most affordable.If anyone is in the position to take advantage of any of the deals out there, now is the time.

  17. Al and Joey – thanks for the club info (I love Jet!) and the WSOP info. Where is Body English?? I’ve never heard of it but I’m game for new places! I’m bummed about the WSOP, but at least I know. I have the limo 1/2 our early to do something….any thoughts anyone?

  18. Kate-Body English is in Hard Rock. Never been there myself, but I enjoy Tao and also liked the new one at Luxor for dancing.

    – The Hawaiian Marketplace isn’t THAT bad imo…

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