Five Hundy by Midnight 187: Piles of Shit Edition

Trippies 2008 : Best of Las Vegas

Las Vegas podcast #187 includes:

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29 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 187: Piles of Shit Edition

  1. Coitus Yeah! This show is the Fecal!

    If this guy is into fine taste, be sure to refer this guy to the episode of you trying the deep-fried twinkie at Mermaids. I tell you that was the hight of class. It’s like it was like James Beard visiting Masterpiece THeater

  2. Holy shit…that was a great fuckin’ podcast this week.
    I really appreciated the e-mail from Larry!

  3. Last podcast before my trip. Very entertaining as always. I look forward to the next email segment.

  4. Cirque might have 2 bombs on their hands right now. I recently read that their show at the Venetian Macau, “Zaia,” has been performing at 30% capacity.

  5. Shit…I didn’t realize how much I missed all that Hall and Oates talk until you brought it up again.

    I’m sorry for bringing it up again; I’m kind of a dumb shit and sometimes I just can’t fucking control myself.

  6. Andy> Funny you mention that. I saw a warm-up show for Zaia a couple months ago. It was my first Cirque show, so I had nothing to compare it to. My friend said it was pretty lackluster compared to the ones in LV.

    Its worth noting that there is a bit of a conceptual problem, Chinese gamblers do not do shows. Lavish dinning and drinking, perhaps some “massage” places, but no shows in Macau. So it may not be the show, but just not in anybody’s routine to say “Hey lets see a show tonight”.

  7. Great Podcast. For once decided to save it down onto a CD and play during the daily commute seeing as would not likely have chance to listen on the computer for a few days.

    Nice to start a Monday morning in work with a smile on the face for a change ( colleagues wanted to know what was up with me ! ).

    The only problem was I nearly did not swerve in time to miss some horse shit ( hope that is an acceptable use of the word )that was on the road driving in, so engrossed in listening that I was.

    Hush though. Dont tell the wife I listend to it without her.

  8. Holy SHIT, what a great show! I get pretty PISSed too, at bad language, but today you were able to weave a beautiful tapestry of cursing.

    Onto things that are not so beautiful: What the FUCK is up with that CUNT Criss Angel?! It’s bad enough watching that COCKSUCKER’s show on TV for free. But now they expect us MOTHERFUCKERs to pay inorder to see him?!

    Forget that! If I’m going to pay to see any Cirque show, it will be Zumanity. At least if you watch that, one gets to see TITS!


    7-word C-Note

  9. “Some people say it is not big and clever to swear but I am 6’5″ with an IQ of 150 so FUCK those bozos”

  10. Back from our Vegas adventure… the city really is quite dead. Heard from quite a few staff from quite a few properties that they were worried they were going to loose their jobs by xmas.

  11. Really liked Larry’s fucking letter. It was shit-ass awesome. I fucking agree and think those douchebag swear-mongers should fucking die, after being forced to stay at Circus Circus for ten weeks and work as lobby greeting clowns. Watch your fucking language or we’ll censor your ass Larry.

    Hey Chris Angel: thanks for proving you suck. There was one guy in the Arctic who had not heard.

  12. Vegas does actually seem quite dead lately. I can tell you this as an employee of a fast-food restaurant not far from the Strip.

    But to be honest, I think Vegas is still the place to be. Not to American tourists, but to foreign tourists anxious to take advantage of our worthless American dollar. I can tell you that there are a wider variety of unusual accents lately…and a great number of rude, smelly Eurotrash bastards who’ve seen SWINGERS too many times and think they can successfully burn the locals. They can not.

    Well, we’ll take that money, you European pricks. But maybe, just MAYBE, you should view the film ROAD TRIP before you send that salad back for the third time. You might not like the extra added spices, Mr. Moneybags.

  13. Shit, that was some good shit.

    On another note, I too hated the Bee movie ads, but was pleasantly surprised when I saw the actual film.

  14. And a followup to Michelle, we found the shoe stores, and shoe stores and shoe stores!!! (Outlet mall to the north of the strip & zappos to the south) Don’t know if I should thank you or curse you 🙂

    Although I did score an $8 pair of DC’s.

  15. As George Carlin( rest in peace) said………………….
    ……………………..nuff said?

  16. Well, to make you even more upset Randy noticed in the news this week that Ryenair are to start doing direct flights from UK to Vegas … for £8 + Taxes in econonmy( whats that .. about $13 ). The low cost to be covered by the hefty business class prices they are planning to charge.

    Wonder why I cant access the ‘responses’ pages from week from week. For some strange reason it keeps coming up with an ‘offensive language’ error message. Go figure.

  17. from week from week = from work this week.

    Sorry, still waking up this morning.

    ( and yes Taxes will probably be about £250 and it wont be the most comfortable of flights but heck at least prices are going in the correct direction and might force the other airlines to lower prices a little – yes, talking to you Virgin Airlines )

  18. I’m not gonna knock Larry. I am conflicted about my language choice many times. The use of obscenties is not really to be desired, but I use them too often because it is easy, and I am gifted in that way. Yes, gifted, able to make multi-curse single words. My latest is Jesusfuckingtits, I can’t stop saying it. At church, restraunts, Casinos, 7-11, even talking to female customers of my Body Shop, I CAN’T STOP!!! This is why I think Larry has some merit. Obseceities are easy, and fun, but Bill Cosby and many great comedians realize that clean language lasts longer and has more impact. Help he Jesus, I can’t fucking stop!

  19. Voted for both awards, you’re shoe-ins.

    BTW, Lisa Lisa played with the FreeStyle Explosion on 10/18 in vegas last time i was there, a few of my frends went…she was accompanied by coolio, tone loc, young mc and some other notables….no cult jam though….

    till next time…Jc

  20. This is just a question for Tim and or Michelle…..since your first trip whats the longest you two have gone between trips?

  21. Didn’t I do a call in for Believe? I saw it once and Heather has seen it several times.
    In a word- Stillatrainwreck.

  22. very interesting….thank ya very much….first ventura now al franken…i may move to minnesota

  23. Yo, people…hold on. This is the horse’s mouth or, more correctly, fingers talkin’ here. First of all, I enjoyed Tim and Michelle’s banter about my email exchange with Tim. Glad I was able to provide a little “content starter” for the show.

    Listen, I’m one of the late George Carlin’s biggest fans and supporters -loved his classic piece on the 7 dirty words, etc. However, regarding the show, my criticism had to do with the “needless” and frequent use of profanity by some of the reviewers. I mean can’t these people and some of you dickheads think of a bigger and more accurate word to describe something than shit? Tim and his sidekick (give Michelle a little more volume, Tim, unless you like to be louder than your co-host) have a great concept and it’s good to hear the reviews of venues I enjoy.

    But the show would be a lot better if language standards were raised a notch. However, by a read of this comment board and Tim’s rather juvenile behavior in overuse of shit on the last show and on the website, tells me something about the target audience. Maybe there is no hope after all and I’m really barking up the wrong tree with this crowd. Too bad, because your audience could be much wider, Tim.

  24. Can’t wait for this week’s show. 🙂 Been back a week and already have started to think about planning our next trip.

  25. Wow!!!
    Catching up with old podcasts and came across this one. I didn’t realize i’d caused such a stir with my description of the “pile of shit” between P-Ho and M&M. In fairness to the HM, I was more talking about the t-shirt shops, tattoo parlors and convenience store section.

    Anyway, I doubt he’ll see it, but it’s funny that Larry wasn’t offended by me saying Fuck on a couple of occasions or my reference to a $500 hand job. Hmmmm, maybe there’s something Larry’s not telling us.

    aka Hornhiyo
    aka Pile of Shit Stirrer

  26. I believe Full Force were in House Party as the thugs that wanted to Kid n Play. Rock on


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