Five Hundy by Midnight 188: Just Another Ramblefest

Trippies 2008 : Best of Las Vegas

Las Vegas podcast #188 includes:

  • Ultimate To Do List opener
  • Andre’s, Stomp Out Loud, Titanic exhibition closings
  • Aliante Station opening
  • Riviera renovations postponed
  • World Series of Poker resumes
  • Earn Club Grazie points on cruise ships
  • Lowering the gambling age
  • More on swearing
  • Vote for the Trippies
  • Vegas Hotel Pools
  • Vegas Mate
  • Listener calls about Tequila and Tacos, hotel pools, Sterling Brunch at Bally’s, MGM Grand gambling, Planet Hollywood, wedding chapels and more
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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26 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 188: Just Another Ramblefest

  1. Hey Tim!

    You ask and you shall receive. It looks like there is a new Vegas show on the Travel Channel tonight, 21 Sinful Vegas Hot Spots. Thanks for the heads up! I wouldnt have missed it if you didnt mention the Travel Channel. But yeah, you are right. Some of them are seem old and possibly outdated sprinkle in there with a show dated this year sandwiched in one spot.

    Good up the good work!


    PS If you care abou my opinion, dont mind the swearing if used properly or hilariously.

  2. Thanks to the caller with the kind words regarding Vegas Mate.

    A new update is due up on the App Store tomorrow (added Aliante Station as well as a few other things) and I’m working on another set of new features for the next version as well as including Encore in the database.

  3. Thanks Terry. I just stumbled across the new show before seeing your comment. My wish came true. Woohoo!

  4. “Chode” will be the new “douche” of 2009. Look for it in my trip reports.

  5. Sean, I got married at Excalibur too! The wedding and the reception was great there. The rooms and the casino of Excalibur blow donkeys. But, that is Ok, since the chapel and the reception hall are on the second and third floor AWAY from the Excalibur crap.

    The only bad thing is that the entrance to the chapel is flanked by a cheesy souvenir shop and a Pizza Hut that smells of greasy cheese.

  6. Tim & Michelle –

    If you’re in town Thanksgiving Weekend, on Friday Night at the Aliante is none other than Bret FUCKING Michaels. Do you even need another excuse to go now?

  7. Speaking of Las Vegas shows, Stephen Fry’s ( long time comedy partner of Hugh “House” Laurie )latest episode touring America ( shown in UK last night ) has a little look at the City, showing a ‘team building’ thing. Oh yes and the workings of a Brothel as well.

    Noticed today its on you tube ( episode 5, part 4 & 5 )

    Hopefully the link works

    Swimming pool. Of course the way to negate the winter weather would be to go to a hotel with an indoor pool. Believe Tropicana is the only hotel on the strip which has one ( hey, so there might be one draw to the hotel afterall ).

  8. Ok as expected the you tube link did not work. Try searching for.

    SFiA – Episode 5 (Part 4/6)

  9. Wedding chapels:

    My sister got married in 2004 at the MGM wedding chapel. It was nice. I would describe the inside as ‘tasteful.’ The fellow who conducted the ceremony had teeth who were too large and he had that former-used-car-salesman vibe, but he did an okay ceremony and said nice things. The wedding chapel is sort of near the area of the food court, but far enough away that you won’t be confronted by it.

    Contrast this to Luxor. I have not seen the inside of the chapel, but when my girlfriend and I went to Vegas back in March, we were getting a slice of pizza (Little Caesar’s, no less!), and just at that moment, a wedding party spilled out of the chapel, right smack into the Luxor food court: McDonald’s, Haagen-Dazs, Little Caesar’s and Quizno’s.

    Whoever thought it would be a good idea to put the front entrance to the Luxor wedding chapel directly opposite the McDonald’s was clearly not the romantic type.

    So, my advice. Luxor, definitely not. (Unless you really, really like McDonald’s.) MGM, you probably could do a lot worse. (Like, for example, Luxor.)

  10. Sean (or anyone else),

    I’ll probably also leave a voice mail regarding this…

    Weddings – My wife & I got married on February 23rd this year. For us, we did not care for a big production of a wedding and therefore didn’t want to get married at a casino’s chapel (too expensive) or in any of the individual chapels (too cheesy).

    For us, the Office of Civil Marriages downtown was perfect. It only costs $ 50 for the service (tips are “not allowed” since they are county employees) and it is right near the Marriage Bureau where you need your Marriage License first ($ 55).

    The “chapel” area can be seen here – . The only other thing that you need for the ceremony is a witness. However, since you are probably waiting with other couples/groups getting married, you can always ask one of their party to witness yours.

    There is a parking garage nearby and 4 Queens/Hugo’s Cellar is right down 3rd Street.

    Note that in between the Bureau and the Civil Office, there are people that will try to get you to get married at their chapels; offering limo rides, flowers, etc… We were able to avoid most of them… but the ones that we did encounter were friendly.

  11. And now… I’ll crawl back into my hole, as I just re-listened to the voice mail and realized that Sean is renewing his vows.

  12. $98 for a breakfat bufffet, plus tax. Fuuuuuck!!

    We just paid 6.50 for breakfast for two with points at the Ilse Casino in Pompano Beach FL. and that’s good enough for me.

    give me a cup of coffee, a glass of jiuce and a good slice of bacon and I am a happy man.


  13. Heather and I were at Tequila and Tacos on a Saturday night and it seemed to be pretty empty.

  14. Don’t know if anyone has brought it to your attention but this thread on Vegas Rex shows a digital version of The Sigma Derby game, looks like it would be fun to play with a bunch of friends.-

    Excuse me if this is old news, but I just caught it at Rex’

  15. Regarding the comments on drinking in every casino from the Stratosphere to Caesar’s:
    This seems to be a standard for a lot of people. I did that on Day 1 of my first trip out there. Those bridges between the casinos are very drunk friendly. I highly recommend it because you check out every dive shithole along the way and learn your way around. The only “problem” is you can only find your way out of these casinos, during future trips, if you are drunk.

    Day 2; yeah we drank in every casino from Caesar’s down to the MGM.

  16. Will be in Vegas in January , probably last time for a while .
    My wife loves Sushi and I am wondering If anybody has a favorite place in Vegas for that. I was thinking about Sushi Samba. Any suggestions ?

    By the way Time & Michelle-
    your show had a big effect on my musical direction as ‘Hungover for Vegas’ was the start of my new band ‘Pedestrian Detour’
    sorry for the shameless plug but thanks for the inspiration.
    I may not be able to go to Vegas as much as I want to , but I can listen to your show and feel a little better. joe

  17. Joe – I’ve heard a lot of people recommend Makino. I am not a sushi eater.. but I’ve eaten other items there and enjoyed it.

  18. Since “Your Vegas is Showing” was a dud for Vegas’ new advertising phrase, I nominate:

    “Vegas: We got Drunk Friendly Bridges. What more do you need?”

    Kudos to Steve from NH, clearly a brilliant ad man.

  19. I have an idea for an ad campaign to promote Vegas.

    Swinging scenes of debauchery in Vegas. Two young men are driving around in a convertable, living the high life. Cut to next scene, the two men are getting in the car and driving to return home from Vegas. As soon as they exit the city limits, it’s nothing but tumbleweeds and banjo music. And cows and hay, even though this isn’t technically accurate. The theme from “Deliverance” plays. The sound of crickets and dust and empty nothingness follows. The two men turn the car around and head back to Vegas.

    As the car heads back, the announcer speaks: “Vegas. Because everything else sucks.”

  20. How about this one.

    Various shots of people slapping high fives at the Blackjack table, dice rolling, drinking martini’s, smoking cigars, dancing at a club, gourmet food, etc.

    Then at the end of the commercial a simple message.

    “Vegas, It’s All Good”

  21. Joe…

    For sushi, I can recommend Nobu at Hard Rock Hotel. The tasting menu was awesome. Not much in ambiance in that it’s smalll and loud, but the sushi was great. They were doing remodeling the last time I was there. They were planning on extending the seating area and then having it open up into the HR pool.

    I’ve never eaten at Social House at Treaure Island, but presumably they have tables that open up over the pirate lagoon and you can watch the show from there. I doubt this is what you’d want in January.

  22. Hunter – no worries. Thanks for the fun application for my iPhone!

    We really did enjoy the Sterling Buffet, but I forgot to mention one thing that was a huge disappointment. The lobster sucked. Ever had overcooked lobster? It is really paste-like in consistency. Is that even a word? Anyway, it was mushy and lacked any firmness or much flavor. Since we were shelling out $100 (w/ tax & tip) it was unfortunate that we couldn’t really indulge on one of the things we came to enjoy. Still felt we got $100 worth of food if you consider the quality of everything else and what we would have paid ordering a la carte.

    That said, below are cell phone pics of my plates. 🙂 Note when you see the illogical carnage that was my buffet…I’d often be will into a plate before I remembered to take a picture!

    Hopefully these links work…

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