Five Hundy by Midnight 206: Fake Strip Clubs, Earth Hour and Ice Buckets

Las Vegas podcast #206 includes:

  • Rock of Love opener
  • Luxor get in on the all-inclusive trend
  • Ivan Kane’s Forty Deuce closes
  • CityCenter has a rough week, rambles on
  • Listener calls about El Cortez, Earth Hour, celebrity sighting, Minus Five Ice Lounge, Cirque discounts, poker tournaments, Ignite at Greek Isles and more
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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22 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 206: Fake Strip Clubs, Earth Hour and Ice Buckets

  1. Las Vegas Review-Journal is now available on Amazon’s Kindle. Naturally you still cannot find a copy at a Harrah’s property.

  2. Ellis Island Steak dinner special. Has anyone tried it. Know it’s cheap with low expectations, but is the steak okay where you actually might enjoy it. You get what you pay for, so just curious.

  3. We’re huge fans of the Ellis Island steak special. Actually, most of their food is better than you’d expect for being so damn cheap – especially when you factor in 2-for-1 coupons available in the LVA book or the American Casino Guide. (The coupons aren’t good for the steak, but it’s still a great deal.) We like to go to Ellis Island late at night – the crowd in the restaurant is very eclectic (entertaining), and the neighboring Karaoke bar makes for great background entertainment without hampering your ability to carry on a conversation with your table-mates. As Tim said, their microbrews are delicious, potent, and CHEAP. Here are more testimonials:

  4. Earth Hour was 8:30 to 9:30 on Saturday night? Hmm, well, I guess I participated since all my lights at home were off since I was out. However something tells me I didn’t exactly do my part since I paid for myself and my 2 God Kids to go to the Monster Truck Rally at Sam Boyd Arena. The Kids loved it even though it was God Awful.

    Also, on a side note, I know that Poker is really not the thing around the FHBM crew, but for those that are interested, the WSOP is having Academy classes that are being run occasionally at Caesar’s Palace between now and the Main event off and on. I took one of the classes a couple of weeks ago. Now I don’t want everyone in the world taking these courses, mind you, but for those FHBM fans out there that love their Poker and can afford to do it, it’s well worth the experience. Since paying $1,700 for the weekend class, I’ve made more than $3,000 in earnings at the table. I’d say that’s a good investment!

    After all, while playing games in Vegas is fun, winning is more fun, right?

  5. I think that the clue to Bodies being really crappy is the fact that The Tropicana didn’t even want it!

  6. Tropicana…Something is going on with that place. Dirk Arthur is closing this week according to a concierge I know. They closed Comedy Stop or whatever it was called last week. Hmmm…no shows. Interesting.

  7. I know Tim and Michelle threw out Trop and Riveria as the first two Strip casinos to go down, if any do, but my gut feeling is the Tropicana. There is no better definition of “death spiral” than that property, led by its sterling management team.

  8. I enjoy the slots at The Trop.

    I fully expect it to go by the wayside soon though.

  9. Rock and Roll in Las Vegas:

    “Carlos Santana has signed a two year deal with the Hard Rock to play 36 shows a year at The Joint. Santana said his show — “Supernatural Santana: A Trip Through the Hits” — will “mix up a little practical spirituality with a rebel-from-the-street vibe, and with lots of incredible music.” Santana’s deal is exclusive, meaning he will play no other shows west of the Mississippi River over the next two years, according to the news release announcing it. Santana’s residency is produced by AEG Live, the same company that brought Celine Dion, Elton John, Bette Midler and Cher to The Colosseum at Caesars Palace”

    That definitely might be intriguing. I never go over to Hard Rock, but this could get me over there…

  10. My wife and I are going to be in Las Vegas the 3rd week of Arpil. While I am there I was going to try and find the Lions Share machine at the MGM. Does anyone know the easest way to find it.


  11. Jack,

    We live in Raleigh too (Wake Forest actually) and will be in Vegas starting on April 18th for a few days. Weird huh? Last time we were there, we found played and lost on the Lion’s Share machine. We thought we had a pretty good idea of where it was, but just to be sure we did a search on the internet and came across this humorous trip report that someone posted last month. Hope you have fun in Vegas, maybe we’ll see you there!

    Trip Report excerpt below

    “Legend has it that many years ago, a great origami lion stood watch over the City of Entertainment, before MGM replaced it with the lion that actually looks like a lion, and not a Cadillac CTS. During this time, there existed a bank of slot machines known as “The Lion’s Share”.

    The Lion’s Share was a reel-based machine. Basic in nature, with three wheels, and bars and sevens for symbols. There was one wild symbol – a golden MGM lion’s head logo. The Lion’s Share was a dollar machine with a progressive jackpot.

    Legend has it that the jackpot shot up to over $2 million dollars without ever being won. Over time, as new technologies emerged, old technologies fell out of favor. Video screens replaced reels in the slot machines, and saline replaced silicone in the cocktail waitresses. The times, they were a changin’.

    MGM was looking to modernize, and the decision was made to pull the plug on the venerable Lion’s Share slots. But there was a catch. Because the games were offered as a progressive, Nevada law required that MGM award the progressive jackpot before completely discontinuing the game.

    The legend continues that MGM complied with the letter of the law by pulling the plug on all but one machine. Old timers whisper stories that this lone machine, with its magnificent jackpot, still exists, somewhere in the dark recesses of Emerald City.

    Children, I am here to tell you – I have seen the lion’s booty. You can’t help but see it, really. He kind of lies around on that overhead glass panel in that big enclosure, and leaves NOTHING to the imagination.

    But more topically, I found the Lion’s Share slot machine. It’s jackpot was over $2 million dollars. I played it. It’s jackpot is still over $2 million dollars.

    For anyone who dares, the machine can be found by walking just past Tabu nightclub. Hug the wall past the entrance to the club, walk just past a door that the cocktail servers use to restock their trays with drinks, stop, roar like a lion three times, and the Lion’s Share machine will appear before you. You can leave out the roars if you want, but what fun is that?”

  12. The MGM has some of the oldest most boring slots of any of the so called better casinos, so no wonder the Lion’s Share is still there. I am surprised that it doesn’t spit out coins, but any pay is a hand pay.

    If you are coming in from the lobby or the self park, you walk through the lobby on the left and the machine is at the end of the first block before the turns to nowhere and yes it is just past where the servers replenish their trays.

    Good luck.

    We are there in May and we wiill give it a try again.

  13. At work I got moved today to my own office with a view of The Strip. I haven’t lived here long enough to not be impressed by this!! 🙂

  14. Thanks everyone for the info on finding the Lions Share machine.

    That is cool that you are from the Raleigh area. We get into Vegas on 4/22, we are staying 6 day. I can’t wait. If you guys are going to be there during that time maybe we can met up somewhere and have a drink. :>)

  15. Hey Jack,

    We’re going to be there from 4/18 – 4/21, we’re flying back around 3pm Vegas time. Looks like we’re going to miss each other by a day.

    Jason said “Too bad the Lion’s Share jackpot will be gone by the time you get there!”

    Oh well… hope you have fun :). Do you play any poker for ‘fun’ in Raleigh?

    Take care,
    M & J

  16. Next time you’re in Ellis Island, check out the Ham Steak and Eggs or the Frisco Burger. Both super!

  17. Jason & Melanie,

    That would be funny if you did hit it.

    I do play poker, but mostly on line. I don’t really know many people that play around here that play. How about you, do you play?

    Hope you have fun on your trip, you will have to let me know how it goes.


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