Five Hundy by Midnight 247: We Are Also The World

Las Vegas podcast #247 includes:

  • Living With Ed opener
  • Celine Dion’s return is official
  • Off-topic rant about We Are The World 25
  • Las Vegas Walk of Stars honors Frank and Dean
  • Planet Hollywood changes begin online
  • Listener calls about Tropicana, Cloud 9 Balloon Experience, Viva Elvis, Steel Panther, Ellis Island, Monte Carlo, Double Down Saloon, Dirk Arthur, Vinnie Favorito, CityCenter, THEhotel, Garth and more
  • Tim forgets to mention the Celine countdown is at 394 days
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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33 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 247: We Are Also The World

  1. Hey….what are the first two songs you use in the five hundy opener? I know the Sinatra at the Sands and the Swingers clip; but what are the other two? They always put me in a Vegas mood…

  2. Here’s a breakdown of the opening:

    Klaus Meine from the band The Scorpions (“Las Vegas Nevadaaaaaah!!!!”)—This clip comes from a bootleg recording of a live show the band did at Aladdin a couple years ago. We attended the show.

    Bono from U2 (“I was just thinking about all the amazing times we’ve had here in Las Vegas.”)—another one that comes from a bootleg recording from a show we attended… U2’s Nov. 18, 2001, show at Thomas and Mack Center.

    Frank Sinatra (“I hope you have an enjoyable stay here in Las Vegas… I do wish that for you.”—Sinatra at the Sands.

    And finally the clip from the movie Swingers… the line where the name of the show came from.

    The song is “Las Vegas is Waiting” by the great Kevin Bowe.

  3. It was a happy accident that you didn’t use your coupon at Pampas. It’s mediocre to awful depending on the day. Anybody considering going there should take a cab to the Texas de Brazil location down at Town Square. I’ve given Pampas 2 chances to redeem itself after the first mediocre meal there. It’s gotten worse every time.

  4. In addition to spending the night at El Cortez…you now say that you might visit the Riv to see whats crackin over there. Tim… swallow your pride and stick to the places your really want to visit. I feel like some of your loyal listeners (myself included) has unfairly given you the “triple-dog-dare” to visit these shit-holes. Don’t ruin your precious vegas time with this adolescent tomfoolery.

    Thanks for another great show. Best wishes on the trip. Looking forward to the report. Wish our trips would overlap…i am heading back first week in March.

  5. FYI on progressive slots, my wife works with a women that builds slot machines, so she was picking her brain for tips, nothing big learned except one thing, when a progressive is hit, the casino and the slot company split the cost/payout when its hit. So to Tim’s question if slots are leased “yes”.

  6. To the guy, STOP. The site and the deals have been around for years. You are not discovering some secret trick that nobody else knows about. In fact you are probably one of the last people to learn about it, lol.

  7. trip report:

    i just got back from lv and i stayed at aria. this is another plug for it. ive heard all the negative reviews but i wanted to see for myself. i loved aria! fair prices and great food at julian serrano and cafe vettero. the service was outstanding all around and the concierge has some great hookups around town! its my new fav and i will be staying there for many years!

    also i had dinner on feb 13 at the eiffel tower restaurant and it was amazing. highly recommended. jet night club was cool and gave out free shots all night.

    went on cloud nine. its cool but nothing to brag about.

  8. I investigated Steel Panther based on the suggestion in this show. That show looks like an awesome time…very dirty comedy mixed with awesome 80s music…I’m putting it on my wish list for my trip in April. I’m going with a group of four in a comped room at Hard Rock. Looking forward to seeing their completed expansion!

  9. Hey Tim,

    You should tell your callers to go fuck themselves more. Fuckin’ hillarial!

    Hey Tim,

    You should use Auto-Tune whenever you update the Celine Dion countdown.

    Hey Tim,

    You should get a Mission Statement for FHBM.

    Hey Tim and Michele,

    You should have a great trip to Vegas!

  10. Gong to California in August. This is a game palyed there.


    PURE 21 ½ BLACKJACK is played with a fifty-two card deck consisting of aces through nines in standard suits and sixteen Bonus cards (four each of King, Queen, Jack and ten). The game is dealt from a shoe containing a minimum of four decks and a maximum of eight decks.

    ll cards 2-9 have face value.
    Aces have a value of 1 or 11.
    K, Q, J, 10 “Bonus cards” have a value of 10, lt with an Ace on the initial deal, when it will have a value of 10.5.

    A Bonus card and an Ace, on the initial deal, is the best possible hand. It is known as a Pure 21.5 Blackjack and pays 6 to 5.

    The value of each hand is the sum of its cards.
    The object of Pure 21.5 Blackjack is for the players and the Designated Player (DP) to add the numerical value of their cards and:

    Achieve the best possible point total of 21.5 by being dealt a Bonus card and an Ace on the initial two cards dealt, a Pure 21.5 Blackjack. This pays 6 to 5.
    Form a hand that does not exceed 21.5.

    Not good.

  11. A tip for those wanting to visit city center and are driving while in town:

    Instead of dealing with the City Center’s massive and crazy parking structure, park easily at Monte Carlo and take the free tram (which is much nicer than the metro link) that has stops at Vdara, Crystals shopping thing, and ARIA (where the new casino is!).

    Try to PARK ON LEVEL 2 as that has a covered walkway directly into the heart of Monte Carlo, and close to the tram depot. The parking garage is located behind the Monte Carlo, off of Monte Carlo Drive (between Frank Sinatra and Las Vegas Blvd.)

  12. Re: Chris and “went on cloud nine. its cool but nothing to brag about.”

    Agreed. We went at night and so pictures are all blurry. If you like looking at Mandalay Bay it is an awesome view but after a few minutes we were “Uh, ok.” On the flip side, for the price it was short. I guess what I am trying to say is, for us at least, it was not a good value.
    Worth the experience but will not go again and will recommend anyone who is going to find some sort of discount somewhere.


    They use to do that here in Colorado right before the Quarterly Tax was due, they had to pay a tax on active slots in a casino, but I think the repealed that rule here. Just a guess that or the license fees have something to do with it.

    The other rule we have here is number of slots determines the size of the casino so to keep the smaller casinos open they do give a tax break to those with smaller number of slots.

  14. Wow… people. Opinions are like assholes. Just relax..

    Seriously, there is like a Vegas blog/website/podcast fight over comments made by Troy. I don’t think it matters either way.

    Actually think Troy is a genius. He got everyone buzzing on the Vegas websites. Bravo!

    Troy, you probably just got yourself into the next Trippies. I am thinking your are going to make it into “Pet Peeve” or “News Of The Year.”

  15. Hi, I just started listening to the podcast a few months ago, and was immediately hooked. Lots of great information, and a great way to get my fix in between my trips. I think during my trip this week we will overlap. I will be at PHo, Thurs-Sun 2/25-2/28. I would love to buy you both drinks if we can hook up. You can email me at, or text me at 415-548-0925. I presume you know nothing about me, so you can see my posts over at Brian’s board ( Have fun!

  16. On this weeks podcast a caller asked why casinos ( I think he gave Wild Wild west in AC as an example) would close down entire slot rooms, or barricade slot areas completely. I live 10 minutes from Atlantic City, and I know exactly the areas at WWW he is talking about. I have a good friend who works for the elevator company that services all the escalators/elevators at the Harrahs property’s in AC and he told me why about a year ago. OK, I know I’m going to get part of this wrong ( I tried calling him to know for sure, but he is not around) But it is something like the casino has to pay a fee/tax for ever slot machine that is operational. But, if you close them down completely so there is no way to use them at all, then they do not have to pay for them. I will find out for sure and post all the details.

  17. Thanks guys. Maybe I can go up against Rex for A-Hole of the Year. LOL

  18. troy you are correct. i don’t see the academy taking clint eastwood’s name out of the nominating process. fivehundy has a long way to go before they reach the mantle of eddie van halen of podcasts.

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