What We Know About Planet Ho

Planet Hollywood casino

We just returned home from our latest Las Vegas adventure—a trip coinciding with Harrah’s takeover of Planet Hollywood. Many Five Hundy listeners have inquired what changes are in store. Here’s what we witnessed and learned:

  • Most video poker paytables have not yet changed. Machines at the Extra Lounge bar were downgraded before we arrived. Most other machines were the same as before—not full pay, but not as bad surrounding properties.
  • On Feb. 21, about 30 percent of the slot and video poker machines were labeled with stickers notifying gamblers the machines would be shut down at 9 p.m. By the next morning, dozens of machines were taken offline and crews were removing them from the slot floor. Three days later, they were still rearranging the slot floor. Signs around the casino assured visitors that we’ll love their new look. Removal of machines is standard operating procedure when Harrah’s takes over existing casinos. They instituted the less-is-more slot floor concept when acquiring Imperial Palace, Barbary Coast and O’Shea’s too.
  • Planet Hollywood’s A-List players club will merge into Harrah’s Total Rewards players club on April 1, 2010. A-List points will be converted into TR reward credits and will be added to players’ TR tier score. A-List gold card holders will receive TR platinum cards; A-List platinum card holders will receive TR diamond cards. No word on what happens for those of us with both TR platinum status and A-List gold status. I’m hoping platinum + gold = diamond. FAQ cards are available at the A-List desk. FAQ 1. FAQ 2.
  • Planet Hollywood will have its own diamond lounge. Construction is underway near the hotel registration desk.

7 thoughts on “What We Know About Planet Ho

  1. Thanks for the update. Any idea if the 4/1 date is also when we’ll be able to book comped rooms at P-Ho through the TR site?

  2. I’m not sure about that one, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they try to make everything about the conversion happen simultaneously on April.

  3. kinda random question but no so much, what exactly do you get in the diamond lounge? i know there are snacks and free drinks but what does that include? if i wanted a redbull and vodka would that be free or is it like only well stuff and beer? sorry i tried to look it up but i couldnt find. please help Tim and michele !

  4. Red Bull (or at least a reasonable facsimile) and vodka wouldn’t be a problem. Although the diamond lounges no longer offer the selection of top-shelf liquor they served a few years ago, the bartenders still have a well-stocked bar. They will happily hook you up with a simple rum and coke or something a bit more colorful, like an Adios MF, chocolate martini or prickly pear margarita.

    In the Paris LV lounge, snacks include two hot appetizers (hot wings and some sort of tasty stuffed beef wraps, for example) from 4-6. During other hours, they have a variety of deserts, potato chips, tortilla chips, a few salsas/dips and pretzel bread.

  5. thanks tim! good info to have. im looking forward to the next podcast with your trip report!

  6. So is Earl of Sandwich still there? Any word if it will be leaving or moving?
    I pray not!!!!!!!

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