Las Vegas podcast #250 includes:

  • Six Feet Under opener
  • Cloud Nine Balloon Experience updates
  • Prive’s days may be numbered (again)
  • Best of Vegas Donny and Marie ticket deal
  • Checking out Caesars renovations and The Heart of a Woman exhibit
  • Photos
  • Listener calls about Aria, Golden Nugget, M Resot, Amazing Race slots, Palazzo, Sterling Brunch, Bouchon, Stripburger, Human Nature, Smokin’ Hot Aces, Hash House a Go Go, Todd English P.U.B., Harrah’s Total Experiences, March Madness and more
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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14 Responses to “Five Hundy by Midnight 250: The Heart of a Woman”

  1. 1 SaratogaEd

    FIRST !

    Congratulations on half-of-five hundy episodes!

    Enjoy the podcasts.

  2. 2 Jeff

    44 days and counting. Staying for 5 days (3 of them on the golf corse) at the Rio, anyone in town between April 28th-May 2nd? My buddie has never been downtown and its going to be a blast. Love the pictures, and calls great show guys!

  3. 3 Jeff from Dallas

    you two were totally bombed touring the “Heart of a Woman” exhibit. That was actually open when I was staying at Paris back in December. If I had known it had the potential to be so funny, I would have walked in and checked it out.

    Thanks for the continued Matt Goss updates. If it wasn’t for you, I would no nothing about him.

  4. 4 Jeff in OKC

    I got nothing to say. I just wanted to see the comment column line up with Jeff, Jeff from Dallas and Jeff in OKC

  5. 5 Greg W

    To clarify from my call:
    –Did indeed love Studio B Buffet at M Resort, including the desserts which included great gelato and cotton candy.
    –Amazing Race slot includes a bonus where you have to dig in a pile of sand for a ticket to see how many credits you get: to dig you have to hit the screen. There are other hitting opportunities as well.
    –Breckin Meyer didn’t appear to be filming Rat Race 2 unfortunately.
    –Sterling Brunch was $85 before the coupon.
    –Our Surya Bonaly experience was indeed stalker-ish, but we didn’t go so far as to actually meet her as there was a “Beware of Dog” sign and a gate. It was on the way to Red Rock though so it wasn’t completely out of our way. Yes, we are random.

  6. 6 Thomas

    “There’s such a truth to where I am right now,” says Matt Goss, a singer who speaks often of truth and reality.

  7. 7 Slashdogx

    Considering one of the topics on the show, Michelle, next time you make it to London you might be interested in checking out ‘Bibendum’ for dinner. It is really good seafood and another interesting Michelin – Food link. Photos below.

  8. 8 Dan north of Toronto

    Your pictures of the Palazzo suite makes me almost homesick. hurry up May. You went to the Trop and the Strat. Wow. Top to bottom.


  9. 9 Stephen

    That’s a creepy Matt Goss quote up there ^^^

    Heart of a Woman was podcast comedy gold. Michelle was giddy. If you’ve only listened once, it’s worth a second listen.

    Good info once again kids.

  10. 10 MrEinSantaCruz

    In the interest of making sure that you don’t miss any Vegas news …
    Holly Madison is having her St. Patrick’s Day party at O’Sheas complete with Beer Pong, Leprechaun, and Couture Candy ….
    Just in case your interested in that sort of thing.

  11. 11 Jose

    Five Hundy:

    I had to write the following in an e-mail to somebody at work and it reminded me of your podcast.


    We’ve got 3 systems working right now. One was down this morning and we brought it back up and I was also able to install one more station.

    As long as we can keep up at least 2 up, we’ll make the 500 by midnight.”

  12. 12 SaratogaEd
  13. 13 Tim

    Oh the humanity!!!

  14. 14 JJ

    Great pics, guys. Can’t wait to get back and see City Center.

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