Five Hundy by Midnight 249: Food, Food, Food

Las Vegas podcast #249 includes:

  • Dog the Bounty Hunter opener
  • Power surge delays Barry
  • El Cortez challenge
  • Restaurant/bar reviews of Julian Serrano, Lagasse’s Stadium, Firefly, Level 107, Serendipity 3, First Food and Bar, Hash House a Go Go and Todd English P.U.B.
  • Trip photos
  • Listener calls
  • Tim forgets (again) to mention the Celine countdown is at 373 days
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

Five Hundy By Midnight 3/7/10 (61:45 min, 65.8 MB)

24 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 249: Food, Food, Food

  1. Hey guys.

    Listening to the new podcast, and have some things to throw in about Lagasse’s stadium. We were there in November during football. Went in and the stadium seating was full and had to be reserved. We were told a table on the floor would require a commitment of $50 per person, and a table at the bar or a private side room was a commitment of $25.

    There were 8 of us in our group, so we meandered into a side “private” room showing the game we wanted to watch. There were some couches and comfy chairs and ottomans. We couldn’t get sound for the game we were watching, and were told the sound being played would be for whatever the “main” game being shown was. We all ordered some food and drinks. The service was AWFUL but they were packed to the gills. We wound up only spending $10 or $15 a person and nothing was said to us (and if it had been, we”d have said we couldn’t possibly have spent $25 with the amount of time it took us to even get a beer), so I guess the rules aren’t too strictly enforced.

    It was a cool place and a nice atmosphere. Love to go there again … maybe when they’re a little less crowded.

    Awesome podcast, I enjoy every minute. 20 days until I’ll be in Sin City again, and I’ll try to hit you back with a trip report.

  2. Regarding Lagasse’s, for March Madness rounds 1 and 2 (3/18 – 3/21) reservations are full and require minimum f&b spending of $200/person/day. There is first come, first serve at the bar but that space is very limited.

    Honestly, Lagasse’s is not a great place for March Madness due to the TV setup. A big part of the thrill of MM is the simultaneous games going on (4 at a time on Thurs and Fri and 2 at a time on the weekend) sorta like NFL Sundays. For this reason, the casinos that set up their their theaters with 4 or more big screens are much better for watching all the games.

    Yes the terraced stadium section of Lagasse’s looks cool but there is only one big screen TV on that main wall. There are many smaller TVs you can see but if you are going to pay that much, you really should be able to see all 4 games easily.

    For more info about where to watch MM basketball in Vegas, join this Yahoo Group

  3. Trip report. Short three nights in Vegas. I had a 1400 sq.ft. Piazza suite in The Venetian. It didn’t have a lot of furniture in it so it felt kinda empty and the furnishings it had were pretty worn, old style Venetian. It didn’t even have a desk to sit down at. The main TV was unwatchable and I was only able to get the jacuzzi tub to work once. Mentioned this on check out to the front desk and they seemed only mildly concerned. Dinner at Sinatra in Encore my first night. Excellent food but the service lacked. Can you let me finish my drink before plopping down my appetizer and glass of wine? There’s more but…

    Day two. Drove to The M Resort before noon. This place is really nice. Well worth the effort to get out and see. I’d even consider it for a night or two. Highlight of the trip. In the afternoon, my first visit to City Center. In short, cold, impersonal, boring. I can’t see myself spending a lot of time there. Dinner at Bradley Ogden in Caesars Palace. Finally, I had the burger many people have talked about. It’s really damn good! Excellent waitress too.

    Day three. Breakfast at Mon Ami Gabi. Came out from there and took Paris for $250 bucks. Upgraded myself to first class for my flight home on that. Won a little at Bellagio. Lunch at Red8 in Wynn and a liquid dinner back at the bar at Sinatra in Encore. Thanks Tim for playing my drunk dial at the end of this podcast. I totally forgot I called. A little embarrassing but I had a good laugh at myself. LOL !

    If anyone is interested, I put up a few pictures here:

  4. Question about “Playing but not staying”. I get the checking in to get the comps/free play but not staying at a hotel. I’ve done it many times with a Venetian/Caesars/MGM Grand combo. But my questino is has anyone ever done this successfully with multiple hotels from the same group? ie – MGM and Luxor booked for the same nights on the same players card?

  5. Harrah’s has made it nearly impossible to book two of its properties at the same time. I’m not sure about the others.

  6. These after trip podcasts must come with a warning – “Please ensure you have eaten before you listen to this Podcast”. Unfortunately we had not, so McDonalds had an extra visitor in the drive through on that particular journey!

    Still, good to hear you had a blast.

    Looking forward to seeing City Centre next week, if only to try and disprove the preconceptions I have about it. At the moment thinking it might not be my cup of tea.

  7. hey tim & michelle, next time at firefly you must try the surf & turf. last time we went the waiter brought it out and i don’t think we ordered it but it was so good we had to order another.

  8. Do you have to pay for the elevator ride up to Level 107? Go through the dumb TSA like security check point?

  9. Went to Lagesse’s Stadium last October mid-week. I was able to sit on the couches without a reservation and wasn’t required to spend a minimum amount of $$. Food and atmosphere were great…wasn’t rushed at all.

  10. There’s no charge to get to Level 107. There is a metal detector before boarding the elevator.

  11. it’s amazing to hear bad service stories with the unemployment rate in lv. i was in the irish pub downtown where they had advertised for a server and at least 8 people came in for applications while i had 2 beers and a steak.

  12. Can anybody help answer a couple of questions brought up during one of our Las Vegas discussions at home.

    If you win big in the casino do you always get paid out in cash from the cage or do casinos actually pay out using some sort of check (cheque if your english)?

    If you have to, or decide to, take cash and you’re really drunk can you leave your money in the cage/hotel safe and come back for it the day after. Or do th ehotels work together to transfer cash to your hotel for pick up?

    Hope there’s a big winner out there who knows the answers.

  13. Hi Lou,

    The casinos can pay either by cash or check, they try and accomodate players desires, but large sums 10,000 $US are often paid by check. You can always leave money in a deposit box but you must return to that specific property to pick up your cash. I hope you fly home with a big check!!

  14. Buffalo Bill – In October I’d tried booking comped rooms at Monte Carlo & Mandalay Bay at the same time and I was told that it couldn’t be done. There has to be 3 (I think) days in between stays.

    A few years ago we went to the bar at the top of Stratosphere and it was so great it made us change our flight and stay an extra day..that ended up being a really expensive drink. ☺

  15. Thanks Al, I won’t open my US Dollar bank account just yet, but at least I know if I do have a big win that I don’t have to get a wheelbarrow for my cash.

  16. Hey everyone…need some advise.

    Staying in Vegas in July (woo hoo!)…5th trip there. Got killer deal at Mirage for 3 nights…but now need to decide where to stay for the other 3 nights. (Tues, Wed and Thurs) It’s between-

    Paris Standard room
    Paris Red Room
    Planet Ho Hip Room

    Last trip we stayed at Mirage in the Strip View rooms on one of the upper 2 floors. $20 trick worked great. We do tend to spend time in the room…so we do like to have it be comfy.

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