Five Hundy by Midnight 255: Jackson Gets Cirqued

Las Vegas podcast #255 includes:

  • Extreme Pools opener
  • MGM Mirage becomes MGM Resorts International
  • For sale: Rio
  • Cirque announces Michael Jackson show
  • Wayne Newton: None More Before I go
  • Neil Diamond rumors return
  • Twice the mob museum fun
  • Todd English PUB is confused
  • Listener calls about Munchbar, M Resort, Lion’s Share, Chippendales, Heart of a Woman and much more
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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25 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 255: Jackson Gets Cirqued

  1. Mandalay Bay LADY GAGY @ MGM GRAND 8/11/2010 8/15/2010

    Courtesy of

    Perhaps someone in Marketing had a run-in with her and are sharing first-hand experience.

  2. also missed you guys last week. this week i’m listening to you guy from a train in bolivia.

  3. I have some ideas for things to do for the under 21 set.

    The Gun Store – (Must be 18)

    Pinball Museum –

    There are various Dune Buggy and ATV tours. (Must be 15 or 16 to drive.) And there are also at least a few race tracks and go-kart tracks.

    The Car Museum at Imperial Palace. There is also a car museum at Caeser’s Place, but Imperial Palace’s is bigger and better.

    Gameworks (Arcade) –

    In addition to the rides at Stratosphere, Circus Circus, NY NY both have rides, and arcades.

    The Coke Store – You can get a sampler of softdrinks coke produces around the world. I think it’s 6 or 7 bucks.

    There are art gallerys at Bellagio, Miracle Mile Shops, and the Venetian.

    I’d reccomend they check out this site for some more ideas. –

  4. Gilby, don’t forget indoor skydiving just a little ways off the strip. My son had a blast doing that.

  5. Nickle PBR at Todd English? Is there a Walmart next door that they’re trying to draw from that I don’t know about?

    One mechanical bull riding phone call coming up.

    Ed Hardy update. Tons of Ed Hardy all over the place, even fake Ed Hardy wear. Sure, there’s still psudo douche’s wearing it, but it has fully gone mainstream and is nearly everywhere you look.

    Douche’s seem to have taken it old skool recently with the crossover between Larry Dallas with tribal tattoo’s and the psudo preppy Brad Cooper from “The Hangover” with the single gold chain with pendant and greased hair. Think about it.

    Yes, it’s a diverging crowd. The douche de jour crowd is lost without a leader (and season 2 of Jersey Shore to find their direction) and grandmothers sporting the Ed Hardy wear.

    As far as the under 21 set, there’s go-cart stuff on the other side of the 15, within a mile of the strip. Not sure about the website.

    20 is such a sucky age because you’re too old for the kiddie stuff to work, yet too young for any of the really good stuff, you know, the heart and soul of Vegas.

    I say, if it’s a 20 year old male, and he’s being drug to Vegas by older friends and/or family, he should order every in room porn channel every day they’re staying there in protest. Too much?

    There’s also the petting zoo at the Pocket Park, right?

    There’s also the Area 51’s baseball at Cashman field just north of Fremont.

    There’s a Steakhouse at Suncoast that has a view of the strip that is beyond fucking awesome. It’s completely old school Vegas while still being expensive, but the view is worth EVERY penny. The entire valley is on display.

    Well, that’s it for me, I’ve said more than enough for this week.

  6. My prediction is Bellagio will house the new Michael Jackson Cirque show. I rule out Monte Carlo because they really don’t have the space, but there’s more to it than that. It’s not going to be Luxor because MGM will sell that property, and it’s a dump. Putting Jackson at Bellagio wins because its wholly owned by MGM, would blast up room rates, and while O may be considered a classic, it doesn’t sell or rate well with people anymore and reeks of chlorine,. Dark nights and the constantly comped tickets tell me it’s hurting. A Jackson show in Vegas would draw people world-wide, this would be bigger than Love. You want to raise room rates 50% and increase cash flow to maximize your reported 150 million dollars plus 50/50 split of the gate and the licensing fees? Bring in non-regular Vegas visitors who will pay to stay where the show is. KA will be at MGM for another 10 years, it was super expensive to put together, same with Elvis. They don’t own TI and Mystere theatre anymore. Over half of the Jackson fans who bought the crazy tickets and lodgings to see his shows at Wembley were not from the UK. People were willing to travel to see him, and people will travel to see this. It’s going to be at Bellagio, and secure Bellagio’s place as the premiere IT spot in Vegas.

  7. I think that either Mandalay or TI would be a great fit for Cirque MJ. Mandalay because it is a great high-end resort that would fit having a very expensive Cirque show. Also, I went to see Lion King, and enjoyed it, but I don’t know how long that will last, the theatre maybe 1/2 to 2/3 full when I was there.

    TI would fit well in the spirit of Michael Jackson. For better or worse, he was fascinated with Peter Pan/Disney type things, and works with the Treasure Island feel.

    Also, can someone explain…I don’t quite understand the reason to book two hotel rooms at the same time. Is it that you are offered a free room that you won’t use, but will get points if you book the room anyway?

  8. We’ve booked multiple rooms only to take advantage of extras—food comps, gambling $, show tickets, etc—included as part of the booking.

  9. On the strip podcast a couple of months ago Steve interviewed the guy from Cirque, who I think mentioned that any new Cirque shows would be additions rather than replacements to anything on the strip ( so Chris Angel would be safe ).

    Would have though that would make Mandalay Bay first choice. Then again they might suprise everyone and put it in Circus Circus.

    Wonder what the fate of Mystere will be though. If MGM has an exclusive
    deal with Cirque, now that TI is no longer part of the group I wonder
    if there was some sort of clause in the sale as to if the show could continue.

  10. We Interrupt this broadcast with following News FLash::::

    Paris Surrenders to Cheap Trick ——

  11. Few things:
    Which museum will the Las Vegas Internet Mafia be featured?

    I’ll have a mechanical bull ride call for you come August. The redneck in me can’t resist.

    In lieu of the $20 trick not working at Paris in August, we’re going to try name-dropping Five Hundy. We figure if the Harrah’s war room is true, the name drop with go phenomenally well or horribly wrong.

  12. Meredith:

    1. The Las Vegas Internet Mafia can’t be contained in a museum.

    2. Video please.

    3. Don’t waste your time.

  13. Tim, you are right once again! They messed with the price of the “all you can buffet” today!

    There is separate pricing for those with and without a Total Rewards card, along with the jump in price…

  14. Don’t worry- I saw that Tim already gleefully gloated on their Facebook status comment thread!

  15. i never go to waterparks so i have nothing to compare but the water slide at the nugget is la bomba. you can’t see the sharks because you are moving too fast. it’s all just a blur. and you can hang out at the upper pool where there are no kids around.

  16. Couple of points of interest & comparison from the last couple of UK Casino’s we have visited.

    The slot machines had a new method ( to me at least, have not come
    across it before ) of dispensing winnings. Like most Casino’s you have the usual slot club card. When cashing out the amount is loaded onto
    your card, which you then take over to the cashier who gives you the funds. It does mean that you have to join the slot club to easily cash out ( if you hadn’t – like me the first time, the attendent gives you a temporary card to cash out on ) but sure saves a lot of paper.

    Another thing I have noticed is that Roulette seems the game of choice. Both of the Casino that we have visited these last two weeks have more electronic Roulette machines than they do slots! They are all over the place!

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