Five Hundy by Midnight 256: Thanks for Making it So Easy

Las Vegas podcast #256 includes:

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25 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 256: Thanks for Making it So Easy

  1. It’s the 2nd of May, and we all know what that means. REHAB!!!!

    I’m gonna head over to the Hard Rock Casino Poker room to people watch…..err, play poker.

    I don’t hold high hope that it won’t be a complete douchefest so I’m bringing an MP3 player to block out the audio; tribal tats, over-sized sunglasses and hair gel are expected. I’m just curious to find out definitively what is the new Ed Hardy.

  2. I got into a conversation on Facebook with Caesars Palace and when I went back to pull the statement they made as to why they upped the price, they deleted it. Most people were irritated about the price, but after reading a comment Caesars made about the price increase being attributed to “Basic Econ 101-raising the price will make people not go to the buffet, thus making the lines shorter”, I thought their business practices were less then stellar. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a good deal, but I find purposely trying to reduce customers a little counter-productive. Good call Tim!

  3. I’ll have to make sure that if I am ever in big legal trouble that you guys are NOT part of the defense team. Sheesh.

    After picking up some items I needed for a project around the house. Most of the Goldfish win went into the Podcast-A-Palooza III Bar Tab Reserve Account. It’s never too early to start planning……..

  4. Just one quick add-on about a few things I left out. On Casino Royale expansion. They did add a food court that fits perfectly. They have a $1.99 foot long hot dog (was afraid to try), a CinnaBon etc. I think it will bring in more people. And it does seem less crowded, more spread out. We had a great time while we were in there. Won lots on the craps table.

    About the The Amazing Race slots….everyone who is eligible can play the bonus. When I was playing at MGM I hit the bonus and every else around me got to play. And we all raced to the finish line. It was great fun and like I said bonuses came very often.

    And I found out the hard way about the increase in buffet prices. We were in line at the Paris Buffet and overheard some people talking abut it. And some were actually getting out of line and leaving. Hmmm. Imagine that. Tim you hit right on the money again. You are magical.

  5. Question for Kelly and anybody else who’s been to Casino Royale recently-

    Does the new food court do anything about the ungodly smell up front?

  6. I will be visiting Vegas soon, and was seriously considering the “buffet of buffets” when it was priced at $30 bucks. Now that it’s $35 — not so much. It’s just the principle of it all. I think if it means people have to stand in a longer line to get the deal — so be it. Besides, aren’t lines at buffets “the norm” in Vegas? I am not a big fan of mass-prepared food (because the quality is less, and I’m only going to eat so much). But, if I wanted a good buffet, I would go to the M Resort — their buffet rocked the last time I was in town.

    My next trip is coming up later this month! Oh, and I paid $400 for airfare. Ugh!

  7. Harrah’s…those frickin’ d-bags. Raise the price on the buffet- fest and then bring in Cheap Trick to make up for it. Gotta love/hate those assholes.

    I have enjoyed my free rooms from them the last couple years….now I like them again….shit…I’m so confused.

  8. First time at Mancini’s? What a place! You need to spend an evening in the bar. Live music + high backed booths + stiff drinks…that place is awesome! Been to Mancini’s many times, but I have yet to eat there.

  9. First off whenever Tim starts off with “Today is SATURDAY …” I know it is going to be a great podcast.

    Tim, were you grappling to describe a “set square” when discussing the “pocket square” idea of Michele’s?

    Re: the mind reader closing at O’Sheas – there as no mention of it on the performers twitter. These are some of the most recent tweets from Luke Jermay as of 4th April. – I like the way the last one just trails off into dot dot dot

    $20 tickets WITH 2 FREE DRINKS! for my show MIND READER floating around the casino floor! O’Sheas, 8.00pm 9:00 PM Apr 8th via web

    # Update: day 2 of not smoking. Have not killed anyone yet – holding on in there. Today and tomorrow will be the test. 3 days apparently i … 7:15 PM Apr 28th via txt

  10. Back to an earlier show and your comment that Wayne Newton should have a star on the Las Vegas Walk of Stars.

    He has a star which I think is on the sidewalk right outside the New Frontier, I have a photo of it almost obscured by chain link fencing taken the day before they imploded it in 2007 – may have gone up in smoke now!

  11. Two trips in the next three months! Heading out for the first in a couple weeks. I love good beer and I’m looking for some new places with good beer selections. We’ve hit up 777 at Main Street Station and thought it was pretty good. I’ve heard decent things about Sin City Brewing Company at Flamingo. Anyone have thoughts? Is the food there any good? We’d love any other suggestions you’ve got.

  12. Off to Vegas tonight, 4 nights at the Palazzo, 3 at the Encore. Wednesday second visit to Human Nature. Will call.

  13. Rumor has it that a Five Hundy listener was the winner of the Vegasmate IPad giveaway. 😀

  14. Cool – Cheap Trick will be playing in late July when I’m there — if I can remember to get away from the tables long enough to go see them. btw – they have a DVD of their Sgt Peppers show from the Hilton a couple of years ago and it is fantastic!

  15. Has anyone stayed in the two-bed suites at Bill’s? I’m looking for pics and the most recent I can find are Tim and Michelle’s from October 2005.

    What’s the layout? Good entertaining space and view for some cocktails and socializing before heading out for night on the town?

  16. Brian from st. Louis – some suggestions for good beer selections: burger bar at Mandalay bay, freakin frog (off strip), aces and ales (way off strip).

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