Five Hundy by Midnight 257: Her Own Personal Mecca [Repost]

Las Vegas podcast #257 includes:

Five Hundy By Midnight 5/16/10 (70:28 min, 64.7 MB)

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  1. Hello Tim & Michelle,

    Thanks for the great podcast! Quick question for you, and the other listners. I’m going to Vegas for my 35th birthday, and after your high ratings have decided to try Sinatra out. Besides the Sinatra Smash (which I am very excited to try) what apps and dishes would you recommend? Note: This is going to be a solo trip.

    Thanks again for the great show!



  2. It was indeed a $1/night with no bullshit strings attached.

    Not bad even for the Sahara.

  3. We highly reccomend the 5:30 to 6:30 Fixed price menu. For $59 I had lobster bisque, scallops and the best teramaaou I have ever had along with a glass of wine. The smash was $14.00 but the meal was a steal.


  4. Hello. My name is Meredith, and I am a FHBM-aholic. It was 2 weeks before my last podcast. Aside from not drinking my usual amount, I got the shakes and played the Price is Right fail song to get by. It was a very difficult time. Thankfully, Tim & Michele resumed their typical snarky, hilarious and albeit well-informed podcast and all is right in the Vegas Internet Mafia world.

    Glad to have you guys back at it. The time off was well deserved. Less than 3 months till our next trip! Found out that Jason Alexander’s “The Donny Clay Experience” is supposed to be back in Vegas in July, (At least that’s what I saw on ABC this morning) so I’m hoping we can partake in that. Thanks again for the podcast!

  5. Saw Human Nature back in March, great show, especially if you like Motown music. Now they have signed two years maybe they will paint it and get the cobwebs off the chandaliers. It was in the old Legends show room and they didn’t make any modifications so needs a little work. Show itself is a great time, sign up with and get tickets at a discount, I think they were around 44 a person, includes tax and fees.

  6. Just went on Goldstar. Third seat from the stage on the left. Great view if you have seen it from the back first.

  7. You mentioned ZOSO as one of the tribute bands Harrahs is bringing in. Let me say this…if you are a Zep fan..go see this band. They ARE Zep reincarnated. They look, sound, and act exactly like the real band in there hayday. Have seen them 4-5 times. Amazing tribute band. Very on.

  8. Just spent 5 days in Vegas on a golf trip. Stayed at the Rio and had a great time. My only question was my buddie and I gambled about the same amount in the slot machines the whole trip, but on the last night I played on the tables. 3 card, roulette, let it ride , and blackjack. I started playing at 6 pm and finished at 8 am. Every time giving my gold card to the dealer. Come to find out my buddie had double the amount of points earned than me. He has offers for two free nights and I have a free buffet. I gambled a little longer than I wanted so no time to check point value at the time. (and I was hammered) I was betting up to $50 per hand at times. Did I get screwed or what? I want my free stuff Rio! Hash house rocked.

  9. Tim, no Mongolian Beef huh? The same thing happened to me when I was young. First ride on a plane (Eastern Airlines) and they were serving warm crumb cakes and sausages for the breakfast meal. The smell permeated the plane and I neede the barf bag. Dry heaves though. I still like pork sausage and crumb cakes though. Our destination… Walt Disney World as well!!! At least you werent turned off to flying, otherwise no Five Hundy then huh?

  10. Does anyone know if there are (usually) memorial day fireworks in Vegas, on the strip?

  11. Hi collective wisdom:
    I have a question for everyone. I live just outside of Boston and usually fly to LAS. But for Memorial day, I am considering DRIVING all the way to Vegas. Here’s my catch – I will drive one way. Why am I willing to drive 2600 miles? I think it’s time to buy a little place of heaven.

    So, where can I store my car (probably for a few months), while I am in search of my Vegas home?


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  13. I don’t think there are any fireworks for Memorial Day on (or even near) the Strip.

  14. When did Five Hundy become the podcast that matches wine and food? I listen because they are the podcast that matches bacon and PBR.

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