Five Hundy by Midnight 258: Andy Rooney is a Dick

Las Vegas podcast #258 includes:

  • Judge Judy opener
  • Andy Rooney is a cranky old man; Tim wants his job
  • Riviera opens a new show that will probably close within two months
  • Vegas has too many burger joints but Kerry Simon doesn’t care
  • Encore Beach Club and Surrender Nightclub open next week
  • Paris removes frequent photo backdrop
  • What’s going on with Cloud Nine Balloon Experience?
  • El Segundo Sol has a happy hour
  • Listener calls about cheap booze, Flamingo, Stage Door, Monte Carlo, Range Steakhouse, Sinatra and an odd invitation
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

Five Hundy By Midnight 5/23/10 (43:08 min, 39.6 MB)

22 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 258: Andy Rooney is a Dick

  1. Hasn’t Andy Rooney made an entire career out of producing shit? Sure, he was a Doublya Doublya Eye Eye field correspondent like 60 years ago, but he never picked up an actual rifle and produced a kill. The only thing that Andy Rooney has done is produce verbal diarrhea.

  2. The are two very big holes in Andy Rooney’s arguement.

    1) He acts like the money the casinos win just disappears from the economy.

    2) He says jobs where you produce something is more valuable that jobs where you don’t. But someone had to manufacture the gaming tables and slot machines. Someone had to build the casinos and the hotels. And what about all the furniture and electronics casinos buy?

  3. Great show this week! And btw, thanks for including my drunk dial in last week’s show.

    So Cathouse was a dud? Why am I not surprised? I really enjoy Simon at Palms Place, but Cathouse IMHO was just an overrated “bar-restaurant-club” trying to copy Tao. I just hope KGB at Harrah’s will be worthwhile. Dammit, Harrah’s needs some type of good food!

  4. I’m pretty sure I saw Andy Rooney do a 60 Minutes segment about tying an onion to his belt and taking the ferry to Shelbyville.

  5. I believe the caller who requested that you, “lick his stinkbox” is a waste of oxygen from another Vegas podcast who won’t be mentioned in this comment (because that’s what they really want).

    In other news, only 130 days until my next trip to Vegas!

  6. Up this week…WSOP starts at the Rio. As usual, I will be in the house.

    First event (The Employees No Limit Hold Em event #1) starts Friday.

    Once again, Harrah’s will be changing up the layout. Last year was the best yet, actually. Let’s see if this year is actually an improvement.

  7. About the GO Pool. The best thing about it is that there are no children. During peak times the regular Flamingo pool has tons of kids running around. Also sometimes the regular pool is so crowded that you can’t find a chair, but there seems to always be chairs at the GO Pool. I found it was worth the money just for the peace and quiet. There may not be that many “European” sunbathers, but there were definitely a few every day when I was there last summer.

  8. I ate at Cathouse once and the food was average at best, the room was really interesting but overall it really didn’t work. I am interested in seeing KGB and hope it will live up to the hype.

  9. I agree Tim. The Far Side was the only good comic to grace the…”funny papers”

  10. Agree with Stacia – the stinbox guy sounds very familiar….I believe an international representative of another Vegas podcast…

  11. Official Statement from the Too-Cool-for-the-Room Internet Vegas Mafia:

    The Too-Cool-for-the-Room Internet Vegas Mafia stands strong in its opposition to Andy Rooney, Circus Circus and Criss Angel BeLIEve. We believe this stance will ensure we remain “Vegas cool kids.”

    Everyone who agrees with us is welcome to our secret meeting in the Paris Diamond Lounge, followed by an after-hours game of Spot the Foobs on the Mon Ami Gabi patio.

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  13. Quick question folks – If you had a free room at any of these places over a Monday and Tuesday night, where would you stay:
    – Flamingo
    – Harrahs
    – Ballys
    – Rio

    Just wondering other’s opinion.

  14. I would stay at Flamingo. Harrahs and Ballys too run down…and Rio to far off strip. I stayed at Flamingo during March madness and love the place!

  15. Tim,

    Thanks for the Cloud Nine update and the pictures. You know, I saw that building and I thought to myself “is that where they are going to put the pocket zoo? No, they couldn’t possibly put it in that ugly, stuffy building with no air ventilation. Why, it would get hot in there! It would be like being an 150 degree oven, except with your pals from the animal kingdom and their feces!

    Boy was I wrong.

  16. hold up…i will finish this reply when I can see straight. I have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard at this weeks “family circus” in the local paper. Oh…those kids!!

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