It’s Official: Firefly Isn’t Coming Back to Plaza


As we speculated on the podcast a few weeks ago, tasty tapas restaurant Firefly will not return when Plaza reopens later this year. In a Las Vegas Weekly article today, Steve Friess spills all of the dirt. It turns out the downtown crowd was just looking for a cheap view of Fremont Street.

The other two Firefly locations are still alive and well, and a third location is on the way. They’re a bit of a pain for us tourist shmucks who like to stick close to the Strip and Fremont Street. However, if you didn’t make it to the Plaza location during its short 18-month life, you may want to grab a cab and check one of them out.


Caesars Palace Gets Twaingy

Rumored for several months, Shania Twain announced this afternoon that she will be joining Celine Dion, Elton John and Rod Stewart as a resident performer at Caesars Palace. Her two-year residency will begin on Dec. 1, 2012, with 60 shows per year.

Although I’ve never been a huge country music fan, Shania has a slew of moderately tolerable, poppy hits—some of which are only a couple guitar solos, a mullet and a one-armed drummer from being Def Leppard songs (thanks to the work of ex-husband and DL producer Mutt Lange).

This show seems like a good fit for the Caesars Palace Colosseum. Shania has a decent-sized fanbase and caters to a broad audience. I just like her because we have similar fashion sensibilities.


Enter the Ho

During our most recent Las Vegas trip, crews at Planet Hollywood were putting the finishing touches on the casino’s renovated entrance. Gone is the generic Casino Entrance sign, in favor of a new Planet Hollywood sign and a metallic overhang.

Planet Hollywood Entrance Before and After

In September 2010, Planet Hollywood proposed several changes to the entrance, including:

  • Installing balconies above both Las Vegas Strip casino entrances, one of which would add outdoor seating for Japanese restaurant Koi.
  • Replacing the Casino Entrance signs.
  • Adding moving spotlights that would shine three lights into the sky. (How very Hollywood.)
  • Modifying the entrance ramp to lead visitors closer to the casino entrance rather than PF Chang’s.

No word on whether the outdoor seating thing is going to happen, but it didn’t appear any railings were being installed yet on the overhang/potential balcony.


Five Hundy by Midnight 302: Just The Right Amount of Podcast

Las Vegas podcast #302 includes:

  • Charlie’s Angels opener
  • Ferris wheel update
  • Sahara sale: Everything must go
  • Caesars expands All-Stage Pass
  • Las Vegas World Beer Fest
  • MGM Resorts plans Star Wars museum
  • We love our sponsor: Viator
  • Reviews and observations about: Paris Red Room; a royal flush bonanza; Cosmopolitan art, service, Boulevard Pool, Holstein’s, Secret Pizza Place, The Henry, Wicked Spoon, Book and Stage, Vesper, Chandelier Bar; H&M; PJ Clarke’s; and random other stuff from our May trip
  • Listener calls about Western, Vegas Mate, Mirage, mixology bars, Hash House, Bellagio, Vegas Club and more.
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This Isn’t Me

With this incredible video of a drunk guy at Wynn making the rounds on Twitter and leading Las Vegas websites, I feel the need to state for the record that the guy in the video isn’t me. Sure I love a cocktail or 10 in Las Vegas, but I’d never get that liquored up while wearing a tie. I’m much more casual about my drunken stupidity.