9 thoughts on “How’s That Fremont Street Absolutely ’80s Thing Going?

  1. First instinct, obviously, was to write something snarky and mean. I won’t. Instead, let’s raise a glass to self-confidence and pour one out for the death of self-awareness.

    Looks like they’re having fun.

  2. Please send a link to your alcohol-inspired Fremont Street dancing video. I’d like to share it with the world.

  3. Having been to FSE three times in the past 10 days with a hangover to prove it today and a $1068 Royal last week at Fitz Vue bar (Full Pay 8/5 Bonus quarters), the 80’s stuff is turning out to be a hit. Lots of people (obviously mostly women) dancing.

    Interestingly enough, it isn’t just 40-something women getting into it. I’m amazed at how well their 22 year old daughters know every song.

    David Ivy’s band “Nancy Rayguns” are a hit. Big time. If you wanted your MTV in the 80’s, you’ll love them. I keep forgetting to shoot video (which is why I bought my EVO in the first place).

    All the vendors are wearing shirts that say:

    I Want My FSE

    Obviously modeled after the I Want My MTV shirts back in the day.

    Something has to be done with Neonopolis to close the FSE/East Fremont gap. Walked ElCo to Plaza last night and they were two different worlds. Insert Coins was pretty dead, which is a bummer because it is such a cool place. One Zappos relocates, Fremont East will pop big time on a nightly basis.

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