Five Hundy by Midnight 310: A Tad Boastful

Las Vegas podcast #310 includes:

  • Giuliana and Bill opener
  • Name That Tune Live coming to Imperial Palace
  • The Sing Off stage show planned for 2012 at Harrah’s
  • Rick’s Cabaret becomes Jaguars
  • Cosmopolitan extends $100 gambling loss promotion
  • Plaza announces more new restaurants
  • Heart Attack Grill planned for Neonopolis
  • Eatin’ good in The Neighborhood
  • Our sponsor, Viator offers exclusive member deals
  • Listener calls about Absinthe, Cosmopolitan, Tarzan slots, Garth Brooks, Penn and Teller, Celine Dion, Jaleo, Border Grill, Mon Ami Gabi, Stratta, Lakeside Grill, La Cave, Flame Steakhouse, Tropicana’s Mob Experience, Wicked Spoon, Earl of Sandwich, Miracle Mile, Serendipity 3 and much more
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17 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 310: A Tad Boastful

  1. Tim & Michele,
    I just listened to the Podcast. You mentioned Rockin Olives Slot Machine. They are at Wynn. I am not sure of other casinos. They are different and pretty cool lookin, but I didn’t have any luck, so they didn’t keep my attention. Maybe you should do a gambling segment from the Rockin Olives machines! Be sure to try Tarzan….. There is a bank of four of them at Wynn, not sure about other casinos.
    Have fun on your upcoming trip. I look forward to all your reports when you get back. Many thanks for the Podcast.

  2. Thanks for the info, Paul. We’ll likely record some Gambling with Tim and Michele segment on new slots. We’ll keep an eye open for Tarzan and Rockin’ Olives.

  3. To fill your educational quota for the episode – butterfat in milk. Working in the dairy industry, butterfat is one of our leading KPI and cost drivers. The higher the fat, the more unhealthy the product. For example, skim milk might have 0.07% Fat, Whole Milk 3.4% Fat, Whipping Cream 38% and Double Cream 48% fat.
    In other news, only 6.5 months before Vegas. Yay!

  4. Haven’t listened to the podcast yet (on my list for tonight), and I’m not sure what you guys mentioned about Rockin’ Olives, but wanted to mention there’s also a bank of them at the Bellagio. Had a great time playing it, and it was pretty forthcoming with the bonus games (at least when I played) — they’re interesting and there’s a lot of them. Good times.

  5. At first I bristled as you denigrated my masochist tenancies. I wept quietly as you trashed Sam’s Town. My anger was raised as you insulted Buca di Beppo. Now harsh words over trailer park denizens?

    As I remained tied to the wall of my pre-manufactured home, watching my mistress munching on spaghetti and meatballs and planning our annual trip to Sam’s Town, I demand an apology for implying I have bad taste.

  6. Pretty sure you are also now the longest running Baltimora-themed podcast on the internet.

  7. Rockin’ Olives are all over town. I’ve seen them at various properties.

    I saw the Hangover slots at the Rio during the WSOP. I don’t know about anyone else, but they didn’t seem to willing to give the $$$ away with those. It’s basically an adaptation of the “Sex in the City” slots. Nothing to look forward to in my book.

    I haven’t seen the Tarzan slots that people are talking about here.

    There is a new style of slot, though, that people might be interested in checking out. It’s through IGT, I think, and it’s a slot with 6 reels, in the form of a triangle. The first reel has 2 columns, the second has 3 columns, the third has 4, and so on down to 7 columns in the sixth reel. You win basically like any other slot, getting 3 or more of the same in a row. There are 192 lines. If you happen to get 3 bonus triggers, then the reels reverse and the 7 column line is now on the left, the 6 column line next to it, the 5 column line next to that, etc, down to 2 on the far right. Theme’s include Dean Martin, Zeus, and a Cowboy one (there are some others, but those come off the top of my heads.

    There is also a couple of new slots called “More Hearts” and “More Chili’s”. This is a basic 5 reel, 3 column video slot. When the Bonus is triggered, then you have 2 screens to win on. If you collect 9 of the “Bonuses” (Hearts for the Hearts, and Chilis for the Chilis) then that opens up a 3rd screen to get more bonuses on, as well as makes the last reel wild on all 3. If you get 14 or more Hearts or Chili’s, that opens up a 4th screen, and the last 2 reels on all screens become wild.

    Also, I have seen the new “Two Towers” slots popping up around town. Basically the same thing as the “Lord of the Rings” slots.

    There are also new “Yahtzee” slots hitting the floor around town also. I didn’t really spend a lot of time figuring those out.

    Off the top of my head, that’s all I have for now.

  8. So over the 4th of July weekend I am sitting at one of the 2 Dean Martin Vegas Shindig machines at Aria. Guy sits down at the other one next to me and is playing only half-heartedly, mostly watching my game.

    Machine is actually from WMS. It’s got a lot going on with all those reels, and you can get up to something like 132 free spins as a bonus.

    After a couple of minutes of his machine not doing much, he finally opened up as to why he was watching the machine I was on so closely. He had been playing it earlier that day and hit the bonus for the 132 free spins. It ran for over an hour and he walked away with more than $2500.

  9. If Michelle wasn’t on this podcast to limit irritation and annoyance well, I just don’t know….

  10. Mark,

    You’re correct, it is WMS.

    And on a related subject, I have seen that Dean Martin Machine give over 100 free spins to a lady, and she was non-plussed. Apparently it had done it before and she didn’t win a whole lot so this time around when she hit it it was like “Oh well, here we go.” She was playing max credits and hit the machine for just over a hundo. I would have thought she would have hit one or two spins that might take her to a big win, but it didn’t happen.

    It ran for about 20 minutes though, as I steadily lost my money in the machine to her left.

    Disgusted, she continued after the win to hammer away, eventually losing the whole thing a mere 10 minutes after hitting the multi-spins.

    I’ve seen these being played across town and while the concept is cool, they just don’t seem to hit the big ones often enough to keep my interest.

    When you lose with these machines, you seem to lose fast. And when you stay at or around your starting amount, you can do that for quite some time. But actually hitting these machines for a big one, well, I’ve not seen it happen yet.

  11. The guy’s story was an anomaly in my experience playing the Dean Martin machine. It’s fun and all, but decent payouts are few and far between in my (somewhat limited) experience as well.

    Not as God-awful as that new version of the Wizard of Oz (Rich and Powerful Oz) with the group bonus, though. Save yourself some time, walk to the nearest ashtray, put your bills in it, and set them on fire. If you’re not a smoker, flush them down in the nearest bathroom.

  12. I read a tweet from Johnny Kats the other day that said, roughly, “Chris Phillips new gig at Imperial Palace isn’t Zowie Bowie, it’s a game show.” could he be the host of Name That Tune?

  13. Tim/Michelle:

    What are your top 3 favorite cocktails at Vesper? What are in them and why do you like them? I plan on going soon.


  14. Rockin’ Olives…love this game. Won in Vegas, but didn’t do that well here in Florida (Seminole Coconut Creek Casino). Seems that only one of the bonus rounds keeps popping up and didn’t get to see the others.

    Jaguars? Hmmm…why do I keep thinking the next name change will be Cougars? Women in their 50’s….you get the idea.

    Heart Attack Grill – there is a place in Delray Beach, FL with the same concept. Food was good…but I think they had to change the name. Copyright infringement. You can sit in a wheel chair and eat your meal. Think this concept has a limited shelf life.

    Longest running Vegas podcast – what stamina.

    Love the show guys. (shameless plug)

  15. Hi Dax–
    I enjoyed the Hot Mule (wait, that sounds bad). It has spiced pear vodka, ginger beer, bitters, and ginger syrup. I also liked the Bobby Burns cocktail, which had Ballantines, sweet vermouth, and Benedictine.

    Tim had a drink that I called the second cousin of the Sinatra Smash; it contained ginger liqueur, basil, blackberries, gin (or they could substitute citron vodka), vanilla simple syrup, lime juice, and a sugared rim with black pepper.

    Another time, we were in the mood for something light and refreshing, and the bartender whipped up a strawberry lemonade with basil, aperol, lemongrass syrup, and ginger beer.

    I’ve been loving any beverage with ginger in it this summer, and I also like the brown liquors (scotchy scotchy scotch).

    If you have a favorite cocktail, you could ask them to make a variation. Or if you’re in the mood for a certain flavor or ingredient, you could ask them to make something with that too. And if you don’t like it, let them know, and they’ll make something else.

  16. Just fyi … butterfat is what makes cream .. um .. creamy. Otherwise it’s just milk .. even then, there’s butterfat .. 2% Milk .. means 2% butterfat. Normal ice cream contains about 10% butterfat. A high-premium ice cream .. say Ben & Jerry’s .. contains about 16% .. so when Heart Attack Grill says they have the world’s highest butterfat milkshake .. they’re saying what .. 20-25%?

    So basically get a shake to go and drink it while your driving to the ER.

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