13 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 313: Admitted Filler

  1. FYI,

    Amazon remembers EVERYTHING you search for… forever.

    Think about that before going in there on your work account to do a “I don’t believe they have THAT!” search for Butt Plugs.

    Just sayin’.

  2. Actually, I loved your “filler” this week. I’m headed to Vegas myself in a couple of weeks and just hearing the sound of the slot machines made me really happy. I can’t wait to be there!

  3. When I initially started listening to the show, I thought it should have been entitled “Tim and Michele Sell Out” because it was simply a 3 min commercial for Viator..which in terms of plugs is still way better than Vegasmate because atleast anyone can use Viator..

    Then the gambling with Tim and Michelle segment started….it was probably the best one ever, had it all. Also I officially have a slot machine catch phrase “Bonus, Bonus,….Mother Fucker.” Reminds me of the great Simpons moment of One Liberty Bell, Two Liberty Belles, D’oh…I mean Wo Who Three Liberty Belles”

  4. Just curiously, which Wheel of Fortune machine was that? Was that the one with the bonus deals that look like larger swinging wheel segments.

    Also, did you get a chance to check out the More Hearts or More CHili’s when you were in town? Those are among my current fav’s while I wait for the release of the Dark Knight slots.

    Also, I got a chance to check out the Lord of the Rings Two Towers slots. The one bonus I did get off of that one was pretty good.

  5. When I initially started reading TC from Boston’s comment, I thought it should have been entitled “Another listener bitches about what he gets for free” because it was simply a rant about advertisements… which in terms of comments is not useful for anyone.

    Then the comments about the gambling with Tim and Michelle segment started….it was probably the best comment ever, had it all.

  6. Oh, and here’s hoping that “Bonus, Bonus, Motherfucker” replaces “Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner” as the mantra of gamblers everywhere.

  7. I think I’d actually prefer “Bonus…Bonus….Motherfucker!” to “Bonus…Bonus…BONUS….(Spin = Nothing)…MOTHERFUCKER!”

  8. Ditto on the sounds of the machines. You could just play that for 5 minutes and I’d be happy.

  9. We recorded a bunch of Gambling with Tim and Michele segments last weekend (albeit less curse-filled than this one), so there’ll be plenty of this sorta fun over the next couple months.

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