Five Hundy by Midnight 314: Like Licking a 9-Volt Battery

Las Vegas podcast #314 includes:

  • Munsters opener
  • Caesars announces The Linq
  • MGM wants to implode The Harmon
  • KISS plans Las Vegas coffeehouse
  • Chuck Jones Experience comes to Circus Circus
  • Bradley Ogden is closing
  • Mirage replaces Jet with 1OAK
  • Sidebar rethemes as Mob Bar
  • Our sponsor, Viator’s Things to do in Las Vegas
  • Trip reports about The Nancy Rayguns, Chicago Brewing Company, Gold Diggers, Parasol Down, Holsteins, The Henry, Book and Stage, Vesper, Chandelier, Chelsea Ballroom, Cosmopolitan contests and more
  • Listener calls about Palazzo, Wicked Spoon, Atomic Testing Museum, Casa di Amore, Treasure Island, Graceland Wedding Chapel and Bally’s Steakhouse
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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8 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 314: Like Licking a 9-Volt Battery

  1. You failed to mention that MGM wants to implode The Harmon in order to build a giant Ferris wheel!

  2. Hey Tim & Michelle, I haven’t listened to your trip report yet, but was wondering if you be posting any pictures? I didn’t see any from your May trip and was hoping to see some from this trip.

  3. Bummed about Bradley Ogden closing. The lounge prix fix meal was a steal.And, Timchelle, you have good taste in Burgers, as someone who lived through the Burger Wars of 2008-2009 can attest– this was the finest burger in Vegas. Frank Rich of the New York Times said it was the best in America. Definitely hitting this up before it goes Gordo.

  4. Somehow, 314 got in the wrong folder and I’m just getting to it.

    High walls on Hoover Dam bridge are there so drivers don’t 1. Freak out at the height and 2. Stop to take photos.

    Doug Elfman actually wrote about the ass-crack phenomenon. I can’t find the article, but basically women pull their bikini bottoms down to far to try to cover their butt and end up showing ass-crack. In reality, the bikinis are designed to be pulled up far enough to cover the top of the butt and reveal a generous amount of lower cheek. So, you have a ton of women who just don’t wear their bikini bottoms properly.

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