It’s Official: Our Listeners Are Awesome

We’ve known for years how much Five Hundy listeners rock, but now it’s official. Our beloved Facebook group has received the 2012 Trippies Award for Best Community. Congratulations to the 1,200 listeners who use the group as a place to ask and answer questions and chat about their favorite city.

We would like to extend a special thank-you to Pete and Ellen, who started the group several years ago, and to the VegasTripping crew for their work on the Trippies and all-around general fantasticalness.

With the podcast now retired into the Trippies Hall of Fame, this is icing on the sweet, sweet Vegasy cake.

Congratulations to all of the Trippies winners, especially our friends at the Vegas Gang Podcast and, of course, our frequent sponsor, Vegas Mate (it’s really great).

We plan to provide our annual Trippies analysis on next weekend’s podcast.


3 thoughts on “It’s Official: Our Listeners Are Awesome

  1. You called me awesome? I love the love… I love FiveHundy…

    I’ll be sure to leave a message in March when I sample my first Sinatra Smash before retiring in my room at the Flamingo – The one with a lot of pink, and a lot of wood.

    Keep up the great work Tim and Michelle, thank you for making my Sunday nights that much more special when I listen to the podcast.

    Curt Miller
    Vancouver, BC

  2. Live from floor of the convention-the crowd chants rhythmically FOUR More YEARS! Louder – FOUR MORE YEARS!! Everybody FOUR MORE YEARS !!!!!! Yay Michelle and Tim.

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