Five Hundy by Midnight 334: Suck It, Mickey Mouse

Las Vegas podcast #334 includes:

  • Kathy Griffin opener
  • Restaurant closings: Boa, Les Artistes, Lago and Union
  • Empire Comedy Club is coming to Napolean’s at Paris LV
  • Laugh Factory is likely coming to Tropicana
  • Icons of Comedy series is coming to Riviera
  • Venetian show rumors
  • Plaza entertainment news
  • Gameworks is moving
  • Chuck Jones Experience finally opens
  • The Paris balloon is probably going to be fixed
  • Royal Resort is trying to make things happen
  • Write a clever Las Vegas poem and win stuff from us and Viator
  • Annual Trippies Analysis
  • Vegas Mate 3.5 is really great.
  • Dr. Dave’s Viva Tot Vegas site
  • Listener calls about Godzilla slots, Cosmo’s pop-up wedding chapel, Aria’s buffet, China Poblano, Luna Rossa, Las Vegas Club, frozen drinks coming to Bill’s, Strip bagpipe player, THEhotel, Oscar’s and more
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

Five Hundy By Midnight 1/21/12 132:39 min, 121.6 MB)

10 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 334: Suck It, Mickey Mouse

  1. I can appreciate your lack of appreciation for mimes. However, there is an exception: Billy the Mime. Christ on a crosstown bus, this guy is massively inappropriate, offensive, and obscene. All without saying a word. And I mean that as a huge, huge compliment.

    2 minute highlight reel:

  2. Ah… that’s right. I always get Greek Isles and Royal Resort mixed up. Thanks for the clarification.

  3. Even as a lifelong fan of all things Disney (especially the feature films and theme parks), I have to admit that Tim’s rant about Mickey was dead-on. Warner Brother cartoons are aimed at the entire family and are much more subversive (and violent) in their humor than Mickey Mouse shorts and that makes all the difference.

    Tim’s rant against newspaper comic strips was on target as well. I’d like to plug the Comics Curmudgeon site for those who might enjoy a snarky take on the daily funnies.

  4. As a gaming customer who almost exclusively plays poker, allow me to comment on the best and worst poker room trippies:

    Best: The voters gave it to Bellagio, but it is not common to hear this among recreational poker players. The spacing between tables is too tight, the floor/manager service is on the poor side (although I’m hearing this is improving), comps are near nil (and hard to redeem once you get them), and the players aren’t easy to beat. The B has lost a lot of its poker luster over the past few years.

    The editors gave it to Aria, and this is well-deserved. Known to be very player-friendly, with accommodating floors and dealers. They will spread any game that has enough interest and their twice-daily tournaments are known as some of the best values on the strip. Also, the high-roller Ivey room has pretty much taken over the higher-limit games from Bobby’s room at the Bellagio.

    Worst: Excalibur. Yeah, that’s probably true. I’ve actually never played there, but I’ve heard it’s nit-filled and overall not very much fun. Good for beginners, but not very much else.

    Tim, you mentioned Bally’s as a possible worst room but Bally’s is known as a fish tank, or to say in everyman parlance, a place which is easy to win. Its location next to the pit brings in random players, who usually aren’t the best. I’ve had some great sessions there, and I have an overall affinity for the room.

  5. Hey guys, love the podcast. Glad Sir Jimmy recommended it. If you’re interested in having the show on our upcoming “TALK” channel at All Talk 24/7 just drop me an email at would love to have your show be on the “TALK” channel.

    Right now we are going live with the “BOOKS” channel, but soon adding the “TALK” channel and “AUDIO DRAMAS” channels…

    Cheers, and keep making great podcasts!

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