Five Hundy by Midnight 337: What the Hell is Wynn Thinking?

Las Vegas podcast #337 includes:

  • Cities of the Underworld opener
  • Thoughts on the Derek Stevens interview
  • Vegas Mate 3.5 is really great.
  • Wynn unveils new, absolutely horrible website.
  • Legionnaires Disease hits Luxor
  • Is Imperial Palace getting a Golden Corral?
  • Seablue rumors
  • Slush Bar is open at Bill’s
  • Splash Canyon opening is delayed
  • Travel Channel debuts new Vegas series
  • Finalists in our poetry contest, cosponsored by Viator
  • Listener calls about Absinthe, Zumanity, Palazzo, Cosmopolitan, new slot machines and more
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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11 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 337: What the Hell is Wynn Thinking?

  1. Thanks for reading my limerick… my file’s audio quality was lacking and besides, you nailed it perfectly. That “Raven” poem was fucking awesome though! That’s the 1st place winner in my book!

  2. As a branding/web designer here in London, when I heard you guys ripping on the new Wynn site I had to take a look straight away. Nothing you said was enough to prepare for the horrors that lay within. You weren’t even exaggerating about the powerpoint-iness.

    However, I have a theory which may explain this redesign and why you may see quite a few like it from now on, and also why it feels like a step back 15 years. The answer is all in screen resolution and the rise of the iPad.

    You’ll notice the new Wynn site doesn’t use flash (woohoo) and all the menus had large arrows with clear space around them to click (or touch in the case of the iPad). It’s obvious to me that the Wynn site has been redeveloped to allow for iPad users. The problem is that not only was it a ham-fisted job, but they also completely forgot about desktop users.
    Bring the site up on your iPhone and that splash page looks about right (although who the hell uses splash pages anymore?) but open in on your desktop computer and it’s huge!

    It’s sad that the digital experience has been so neglected really. It would be so easy to serve up a regular and mobile site depending on your platform. Someone, somewhere sold Wynn the new site as ‘modern’ by citing iPad use etc, but got so caught up in things, they forgot about the actual site design.
    There are tons of great sites that do both standard broswer and mobile/tablet versions very well, Wynn should learn from them!

  3. You should publish all the poems that weren’t read on air. I love reading and hearing others’ Vegas visions.

  4. Anyone else find it odd that the new website for Wynn and Encore doesn’t include a link for the casino? Bizarre.

  5. I hate to be a Negative Nancy, but Golden Corral is really horrid. It’s, like, Dickensian horrid. I’ve never been to the IP buffet (though that’s where I stay. Even if I may. And don’t eat hay.)

    But I can’t imagine it’s that much worse than Golden Corral.

  6. Please tell me before you interview Rita Rudner. I need to get out my kiddie pool to lie in.

  7. Just listened to the podcast and when Tim mentioned the survey for the IP I was reminded that I received a survey from Cosmopolitan asking me to rate my recent experience there. I didn’t stay at the hotel but did my fair share of eating, drinking and playing VP at Book and Stage. It’s nice to know they are asking for feedback. I made a point of highlighting the great service I received from Jenny.

  8. O.K. I am on the Wynn Casino website. It annouces to me that my browser is outo Of date. I am one of the last of the AOL users, but I resent that they want me to go to Explorer or Mazillo or Safari. Do they not recognizE AOL anymore. There people are idiots.

    Seconly, I go to change my address moving my apt number to the second line as they often do not print the Apt number on their correspondence. I add the number to the second line but it will not allow me to remove the number fro mthe first line. WTF. again. idiots.

    Thirdly, I notice that the first letter of my e-mail address is lower case so I want to change my first initial to a capital. When I do it indicated athat the e-mail address is already in use. YEAH, BY ME. Can’t change it. Idiots.

    ORiginaly I thought that the site might be good as it did give is a reasonable win/loss statement and the balacne of my account and the latest offers. So an information site it is pretty good, BUT DON’T TRY TO CHANGE ANYTHING ON IT.


  9. AOL still has its own browser? Who knew.

    No question… Wynn’s website sucks. But it’s not realistic to expect Web developers to remain compatible with outdated technology.

  10. Just finished listening. My hot 22 year-old girlfriend loved the show. Especially the bagpipes call. 😉

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