Five Hundy by Midnight #338: All Mobbed Up

Las Vegas podcast #338 includes:

  • World’s Toughest Fixes opener
  • Vegas Stripped TV show reactions
  • Public House Groupon
  • Winners of our poetry contest, cosponsored by Viator
  • Wynn adds a casino page
  • Nobu Hotel unveils more details
  • Mob Experience becomes Mob Attraction
  • Mob Museum opens Tuesday
  • Mandalay Place and Palazzo get new pizza parlors
  • The Bachelor joins Chippendales
  • Vegas Mate 3.5 is really great.
  • Listener calls about Gallagher’s, sushi, Marc Savard, Lynyrd Skynyrd BBQ and more
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

Five Hundy By Midnight 2/12/12 54:28 min, 50 MB)

5 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight #338: All Mobbed Up

  1. For delicious sushi, I recommend Bistro MOzen in the Mandarin Oriental LV. Thanks for the podcast, Tim and Michele!

  2. Thanks, Joy! We’ve had great dining experiences there before, but we haven’t tried their sushi. Their service is amazing, and I’m always looking for reasons to recommend them.

  3. First, I was just amazed to be nominated alongside such amazing Poets. We often toil in anonymity, sacrificing much of the material world for our art. I’d like to thank the little people, Hank the angry Dwarf, Gary Coleman, for years of inspiration.

    I’ll be in Vegas for a big birthday this week. Drunk dialing in for sure.

    Thanks for the generious gift, I had fun with the contest!

  4. I can’t believe you have mentioned the best reality show based in VEGAS today, Gigolos.

  5. So many links on main page was not sure which one to post under, but went for the latest podcast.

    Half way through trip and can I say Rio was a very pleasant surprise. Was expecting a run down hotel, but what we got was a newly renovated room , with lots of square footage and very comfy bed ( just a shame they had not replace the tv to flat screen ). What was the best surprise was the drink sevice, it was amazing. First a waitress came around with an iPad , taking the order and making note of your machine number. Then we have never had to wait more than five minutes before the drinks arrived. They really got they stuff together, efficient and very friendly ( the iPad guys introducing themselves and asking us just to shout out if we needed any more drinks or anything ).

    Went to see Human Nature again. After the show went to get their new cd ( be warned they say this is their first official USA release but it’s really their Reach Out cd they been selling in vegas, but with songs in different order ). Knowing the speculation about whether they were coming back to Vegas after the tour, during the aftershow cd signing (I am a sucker for aftershow signed CDs ) I asked the guys whether they will be returning , and the answer was a definite yes. You read it hear first (maybe). Anyhow, back to the slots.

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