The Fitz Becomes The D

As rumored, Fitzgeralds is about to become The D Las Vegas. @denvergambler, who has been ahead of everyone on The D name change uncovered this YouTube link, which has since gone private:

The currently empty YouTube channel hosting the video offers a little insight into the new name/theme. It seems “D” stands for “Detroit” and “Downtown.”

On Tuesday evening, we will be speaking with The D’s head honcho, Derek Stevens, to get more information on the rebranding of The Fitz.


8 thoughts on “The Fitz Becomes The D

  1. Could you please ask them “WTF?” How in the HELL does anyone think Detroit is even remotely as interesting (or exciting) as Las Vegas? I get the “D” for downtown, but Detroit? Maybe it’s a prank?

  2. I recall that the Stevens family fortune was made supplying nuts, bolts and fasteners to American car makers. Detroit iron, which clearly reflects the choice in autos during Las Vegas post-war glory years. Add in Moe Dalitz and the Teamsters Union investment, as well as the high standard of living afforded to the “working man” at a level seen in Las Vegas and Detroit above almost any other city in the world, and I can see the link between the two metro areas. Especially as it relates to the gritty hard-working base for the shiny, glitzy image projected to the world.
    The Rat Pack glory image of “Vegas” is still a big finned, sparkly, brightly colored Cadillac.

  3. Maybe the D stands for DBag.
    Maybe they will relocate to D Street in Las Vegas. (Bad street.)
    Maybe the letter D is an upgrade from the letter F. If they do really good they can become the letter A.
    Maybe they can’t wait to be cute with their restaurant ads, D-Licious, D-Lightful, etc.
    Maybe they fucked up and it was supposed to be alphanumeric. Maybe it is supposed to be D1. It can’t be A1 because the steak sauce people got that one locked. Bastards.

  4. Didn’t we already know this was gonna happen ? I was under the impression that it would be start of Echelon or Sahara being re-branded. As far as this announcement went.

  5. Detroit…so 2/3 of the casino will be abandoned and the rest will be on fire???

  6. I always thought Detroit and Vegas were very similar in a lot of ways. Both blue-collar towns where one industry runs everything. Whether or not that warrants a Detroit-themed casino is a whole other question.

    Funny that it happens in a casino that used to be owned by Don Barden, who sued Detroit because they wouldn’t give him a license to open a casino there.

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