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6 Responses to “Five Hundy by Midnight #348: Interesting”

  1. 1 Lisa

    Will you be posting pictures from your latest trip? Always enjoyed seeing the photos.

  2. 2 Dax Wagner

    I have a lot of friends who went to medical school (major partiers for some reason… maybe it’s the 36 hour shifts). Anyway, they told me of doing exactly the same thing after a night of partying. Their living room was often filled with people with IVs in their arms in the morning. Apparently it really works. There have been days where I would have gladly paid five hundy just to feel better.

  3. 3 Tim

    Thanks for the reminder. Photos are up:

  4. 4 Ballarddave

    No pictures of winning VP hands.

  5. 5 Jim

    I was fortunate enough to take advantage of the Tropicana loss rebate promo that was discussed in the podcast for a nice $310 profit a few months ago.

    A few other properties have similar promos going so it helps to know how to best take advantage of them. Here is a link to a blog where optimal strategy for these is talked about.

  6. 6 Tony

    Hey ScoreLV, nothing says “we’re a legitimate operation” like misspelling the word calendar on your home page.

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