Zip and Learn?

The RJ has an update to the Excalibur/Luxor zip line plans we broke in February. The FAA approved the plan on April 6, and Clark County signed off last night. The FAA approval becomes final on May 16, opening the door for MGM Resorts to start stringing the cables.

According to today’s update, three of the lines will serve as a multi-leg zip line course. The fourth line (starting at the Excalibur entrance) will function separately.

Here’s the weird part… the company that will run the thing, Ziptrek, plans to have guides (zip line sherpas?) lead zippers through the course, delivering educational lectures about “sustainability and four conditions which must exist in a sustainable society” during the two hours it will take to complete the course. People will be clamoring to get on the zip lines just to escape from the hippie buzzkill. How long before they drop the unnecessary lectures?


4 thoughts on “Zip and Learn?

  1. Tim, I’m not sure if you are a South Park fan, if you are you should checkout the most recent episode regarding zip lines.

  2. Was just about to post the samething…..amazing episode this week in regards to ziplines

  3. did yiu happen to see any of the “reality” show called “Escape Routes”? it aired weekly (and weakly) on NBC Saturday nights with six episodes, the finale having been a week ago and fetaurng contestents doing zip lines in Vegas. Looked to me like the lines went from Mandalay Bay, possibly over to Excaliber and maybe some others (im half blind so pay very little atention to me) but it looked pretty intesnse actually. The show was really a 6 hour long commercial for Ford. The 2 girls that came in second on the show are coworkers of mine. they excelled on the zip lines (not suprising being from Boulder) but came in last at all the other tasks. there is probably video clips available. google “Escape Routes”. i enjoy your podcast, someday Ill get the nerve to do a trip report. going next weekend. keep up the great work!

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