Five Hundy by Midnight #351: A Semi-Michele Show

Las Vegas podcast #351 includes:

  • We Love Lucy opener
  • MGM employee rips off free play
  • Gardunos goes bye-bye
  • Rockhouse plans to reopen at Venetian
  • CET surveys about the CP buffet
  • Boyd requests an Echelon extension
  • Summer of Cirque discounts return
  • Our sponsor, Viator’s Google Plus discount
  • Our sponsor, Vegas Mate’s survey
  • Listener calls about Pawn Stars Tour, Spirit Air, Mirage Tower Suites, O’Sheas, Cosmopolitan, Red Rock, Oscar’s, Human Nature, video poker and more
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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5 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight #351: A Semi-Michele Show

  1. Staying at the Venitian right now and just booked a 3 person ATV tour in the Valley of Fire through Viator for Wednesday morning. Was nice and easy Wil try to post a TR afterwards.

  2. Yet another great show-what a track record you guys have! I haven’t been to Vegas since 2009, but this show and all the great callers make me feel like I go there 3-4 times a month. Thanks everbody.

  3. Thanks, Hundys, for playing my rambling comments on this episode. Funny that you should mention “Grease 2.” I’d be all over a “Cool Rider” slot. 

    I was also surprised that the Mirage didn’t give any notice about the O’Shea’s garage implosion. No voicemail, no note under the door, nothing. Are they pretending that LINQ construction doesn’t exist?

  4. Tim, Vegas Mate to find out where one can find a cheap hooker in Las Vegas (18 min mark)…where can’t one be found is the question.

    I want Vegas Mate to have a safety shield mode with easy panic button activation.

    Jumping to Long Hauling. I sincerely have little doubt that driverless car technology will become common in 5 to 7 years. Probably 5.

    The laws will evolve, and I forsee cab drivers in Las Vegas, being replaced with trip expediters.

    The cab would still have a driver (as an emergency backup), but the driver will leave the driving to the control system, help with luggage, and talk with the passengers. Such a person could be paid minimum wage, which except for some days in December is less than what a Las Vegas cab driver makes.

    When this occurs, there will be no more long hauling.

    The cab companies will make less from the the loss of long hauling, but they will pay less.

    Driverless (Autonomous) Car Technology will also reduce cab accidents drastically. By my calculations, every Las Vegas cab is in an accident by the end of its second year in service. Not all major, but still alarmingly high.

    Cab companies will enjoy increased profit from the greatly reduced number of accidents once their cabs are driven by computer modules instead of humans.

    Once autonomous cabs are in operation in Las Vegas (my educated expectation is 2018) passengers will benefit in at least 2 ways.

    1-No more long hauling or other route related rip offs.
    2-Less chance of being injured in an accident; they will go from being common to being very rare.

    The cab companies would make the change even if it did not benefit the passengers, but it will.

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