In March, we shelled out a few bucks for a Cosmopolitan Wraparound Terrace Suite. As I’ve mentioned approximately 14,000 times on the podcast, I love a room with a lot of square footage. This room had a ton of space. Of course, the selling point behind most of Cosmopolitan’s rooms is the terrace. Although we didn’t have the ever-coveted Bellagio fountain view, we weren’t the least bit disappointed with the magnificent mid-Strip/south-Strip view.


8 Responses to “Las Vegas Room Tour: Cosmopolitan Wraparound Terrace Suite”

  1. 1 Brian

    No fountain view sucks. I had the fountain view for a week comped in January. Was so nice chilling outside at the end of the night. But I guess they save those for us high rollers 😉

  2. 2 Tim

    Brad: That’s pretty funny. Everybody knows Cosmopolitan doesn’t have any high rollers.

  3. 3 Joshy

    I fell in love with that room…..As a cheapskate I felt the music was perfect choice and a great worry as to my ability to ever stay their.

  4. 4 Dan from north of Toronto

    Because this video was shot by a non-short person, your 6 foot 4 perspective makes thle railing appear a little less protective. From my 5 foot 11 frame the railing fees moch more comfortable even for a scardy cat like me.


  5. 5 Jon

    Wow! What an incredible room! I have to ask…how much was it?

  6. 6 Tim

    We had casino rate through a host for something like $225/night.

  7. 7 eric

    225?? thats so cheap, can you describe how exactly to get that rate? how do i get ahold of a host and what minimum requirements are they expectly? (history of gambling there)

  8. 8 Tim

    Call and ask to speak with a casino host. Tell him when you’re thinking about staying there and let him know you’re wondering about rates. He’ll review your gambling history and will let you know what he can do. Keep in mind the $225 rate was in the middle of the week. Weekends and busy seasons may be much more (depending on your gambling history, of course).

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