Five Hundy by Midnight #356: Insert Intriguing Question Here

Las Vegas podcast #356 includes:

Five Hundy By Midnight 6/17/12 46:32 min, 42.8 MB)

2 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight #356: Insert Intriguing Question Here

  1. So I heard your longing for being back in Vegas and I know how that feels. My wife and I were exactly like you: loved Vegas, went often, but didn’t think we’d want to live there because of the temptations and risk of falling victim to gambling/buffet addiction. Well, I can now tell you that there’s nothing to worry about. We bought a place on the far south end of the Strip and couldn’t be happier. We spend most of our time there now and the cool thing is that we have the time to do things we want and take it at our own pace. We still gamble, but we stick to a budget and it’s no big deal. We now have the benefit of taking advantage of bonus point days. There are tons of truly great off-Strip sights and restaurants that 99% of tourists never see. Did I mention you can get a 2BR/2BA luxury condo for under $100k? I’m talking concierge, movie theater, pool/spa/steam room, limo service, etc. If you’re flexible and you can swing it work-wise, I’d highly recommend living in Vegas… or maybe just for retirement. Anyway, it was the best damn decision we ever made. (Just think, Secret Pizza any time you want it!)

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