Las Vegas Room Tour: The D Suite

During our most recent trip, we stayed for two nights in one of The D Suites at The D Las Vegas. The room was quite comfortable and would be an ideal base for a group of guys in town for March Madness or a fantasy football draft. It had plenty of space, three refrigerators, three TVs and tons of seating. The bed was comfortable and the shower was large enough for about six people (if you’re into that sort of sick behavior).

The only downside was the proximity to the Fremont Street Experience Viva Vision canopy and the stage below. If you have difficulty sleeping to the blaring sounds of Heart (either from the FSE show or the tribute band playing below), I suggest requesting a suite on a higher floor and/or facing the other direction.


4 Responses to “Las Vegas Room Tour: The D Suite”

  1. 1 Cameron

    Yeah, I learned years ago to request a room on the east side to avoid the sounds of the stage outside.

  2. 2 Cameron

    Oh, and a room on a high floor, too.

  3. 3 Dan from nortth oof Toronto

    Three screens in the living roon? Cool.

    Nice view. I assui,e that is the top of the Experience. Sure ruins it.

    Nice Fedora. Perfect for you.


  4. 4 Dave Lifton

    Magic Dick!

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