Las Vegas Room Tour: Caesars Palace Octavius Tower

During our July 2013 trip, we stayed for three nights in the Octavius Tower at Caesars Palace. The beds were among the most comfortable we’ve experienced in Las Vegas. The room had tons of space and a nice view of the hotel’s swimming pools. As you’ll see in the video, the maids didn’t notice a t-shirt someone left behind on the top shelf of the closet, but the room was otherwise clean.

Because Caesars Palace is a sprawling resort with several towers, many of the rooms are a bit of a hike from the Strip. We didn’t find the location of the Octavius Tower within the Caesars complex to be that much of an issue. Coming off the elevator, Octavius guests are a very short walk from the Bacchanal Buffet, pool entrance and Palace Casino. The bigger issue for us was the proximity of Caesars Palace itself to other casinos where we enjoy spending time. If The Quad, Flamingo, Bally’s and Bellagio are your casinos of choice, Caesars Palace is a great option. If you prefer Planet Hollywood, Cosmopolitan and Aria (as we did in July), make sure you have comfortable walking shoes.


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