FHBM #506: I Demand a Whole Fish

Las Vegas podcast #506 includes:

  • The Simpsons opener
  • Book and Stage is closing
  • Tequila Taqueria opens at Bally’s
  • Caesars Palace buffet offers new extras
  • Olivia sticks around
  • Las Vegas Club pursues packaged liquor license
  • Las Vegas considers Fremont Street performance zones
  • Our sponsor: Viator
  • Facebook Discussions of the Week: Vegas appetite
  • Listener calls about Todd English PUB, New York-New York, Aria, Monte Carlo, Carson Kitchen, BurGR, SLS, Red Rock bowling, Giada, The Cromwell, Flamingo, The Linq, Hash House, Cosmopolitan and other Vegasy stuff
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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3 thoughts on “FHBM #506: I Demand a Whole Fish

  1. Ben from CMH: His trip report consisted of 6 minutes of things he didn’t like about Las Vegas. Maybe not his ideal vacation destination?

  2. Yes, Tim, you’re probably right, I’ll probably be back. BUT, if I do go back, it will be more to have fun than to gamble. Instead of gambling 10 times and having fun with friends twice, I’ll do the opposite. More drunk dials!

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    h/t wikipedia

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