Five Hundy By Midnight 2: Drinking in Vegas

In this week’s episode of Five Hundy by Midnight, the original Las Vegas podcast:
Growing pains
One week and counting
When, what and where to drink

Five Hundy By Midnight 1/15/05 (19:16 min, 9 MB)

2 thoughts on “Five Hundy By Midnight 2: Drinking in Vegas

  1. TIm,

    I see that you are from Minneapolis… I am from just north of you in Grand Forks, Go Sioux!!!

    I listened to this last show I enjoyed it completely. I was just in Vegas in November for the Webmaster World Conference. Might I say, the 10 days that we were there… WAY TOO LONG. Too much drinking and too much gambling. It was rough. But was it fun?!!!

    Anyway, I could not find and email for you so I will leave this message as a comment post. I am working on putting together a podcasters forum for our region. There seems to be a number of us from around here and I think it would be fun to have a get together. You may get contacted by Tim Elliot of the Winecast podcast. We are working together to organize this thing.

    Send me an email and I can give you some more information if you are interested… did I mention that there may be some drinking involoved?


    Dave Miller
    The Miller Report

  2. I’ve just idscovered this podcast, so that’s why I’m posting to this show so late. Great show, looking forward to catching up on all the episodes.

    My drinking tip for the beer drinkers. Main Street Station is my favorite place for my serious gambling. They serve their own brews in 12 oz cups free when gambling as opposed to the light lagers in 6 oz drink glasses that I’ve found in most other casinoes. Main Street is not the best brewpub I’ve ever been to, but their beer is very drinkable even when I’m paying for it at the bar. I hate the Monte Carlo brewpub – the only thing worse than the beer is the service.

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