10 thoughts on “Welcome Boston Globe Readers

  1. Way to go Tim and Michelle. Congratulations. I just had an afterthought. Have you two ever considered doing your shows on video?…I think that would be so awesome.

    Keep up with the excellent work you both do.

    Get well soon…

  2. I think you’d be sorely diappointed to see the show on video. The site of us sitting in our living room talking really doesn’t make for compelling video. Plus, Michele would spend three hours every week picking out the right outfit, and I just don’t have the patience.

  3. LMAOOOOOOOOOO….too funny Tim, but I do know how women like to spend the time to pick out the right outfit. With us guys, just give me blue jeans and a t-shirt. LOL

  4. You need an alternate feed for Michele. Surely shopping and dressing up is an important Vegas experience for many people.

  5. Few things worse than FHBM withdrawal symptoms, replaying past episodes in your head over an endless loop of “Las Vegas Is Waiting.”

  6. Sorry kids. We’re feeling better but between Michele’s hacking cough and my hoarse voice, it’s going to be a couple more days. Thanks for sticking with us.

  7. I missed the mention in the Globe. I heard it mentioned on the Frank Truth. This is a great show. It keeps me up to date on everything going on. I try to go out there times a year to see family, golf, and drink. It’s great to hear about new spots and old spots I missed because the Strip got old a few years ago.

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