Five Hundy by Midnight 125: Las Vegas Gets Spicy

Las Vegas podcast #125 includes:

  • What Not To Wear opening clip
  • MTR sells Binions
  • New Frontier closing date changes
  • New Frontier auction
  • Fontana Lounge closing is temporary
  • Wynn’s Lure ultralounge closes
  • Stripburger opens
  • Dick’s Last Resort opens at Excalibur
  • Venetian extends Wayne Brady’s contract
  • The Comedy Festival returns to Caesars Palace
  • Spice Girls head to Las Vegas
  • Real World Las Vegas Reunited episode 5 review
  • Listener calls about Jubilee at Bally’s, the Casino Royale parking lot, N9ne Steakhouse at Palms, Pete Rose at the Forum Shops and much more

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13 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 125: Las Vegas Gets Spicy

  1. What a pleasant surprise to have a Wednesday show.

    Anyone know where I can get one of those pornslapper shirts? I’d like to walk into a nightclub with a striped douche bag shirt hiding one of the pornslapper shirts underneath. Bet I’d get a lot of inquiries.

  2. My speculation about The Frontier is that the casino will close on Sunday the 15th, and that the hotel will close with the exiting of the final hotel guests on Monday the 16th.

    At The Stardust, the machines were turned to “out of service” in phases, with the final “out of services” being effected at 8am and I think 9am.

    At 930am they did the final craps roll and final slot pull, but that was just staged for tv. There was no other gambling going on at all, anymore, at that time.

    For several hours, people walked around a casino that was all lit up, took pictures, had drinks, got free gifts as they were given out.

    The only real business to be effected, was hotel guests checking out.

    It was good for the machines to be turned off at 8am or so. Midnight will be difficult, and somewhat confrontational. Too busy. Too in the middle of everything occurring.

    It is just my speculation, but that might be the deal.

    Why the hell did I just write all this here? I should have used this as a post in my blog.

  3. Nice to have an extra helping of Tim & Michele this week. We find the show very entertaining and informative. I guess next time we are in Vegas we are going to have to see “Boob-ilee” since everyone seems to love it. We’ll be sending you our trip report from the end of May asap.

  4. I loved the Chuckles the clown reference from the Mary Tyler Moore show……
    A little song…
    A little dance…
    A little seltzer down your pants.

  5. Thanks for the Cirque tip! We got tix for Monday night for Mystere, a show I’ve always wanted to see, but was too cheap to actually get tickets for. For that, and for karma, enjoy the donation! Expect a call or two starting on 7/7/07…

  6. Tim … really …. the Spice Girls ?

    Don’t know if you came across it but there were several articles in the papers over here a couple of weeks back about some new technology that they will be using on this Tour. Basically they pre record the whole concert. Then during the concert within one second of any of them going off key their live voices are replaced by the recorded one switched automatically by this new million pound gizmo.

    Expect mostly a pre recorded concert then.

    By the way, great to have the suprise Podcast. Maybe you can make it a regular thing – replacing Tuesday night links with Wendesday night bonus.

    Ok im greedy.

  7. Troy was talking about what happens at the Walgreens, CVS, and similar stores in the suburbs around town especially on weekend evenings.

    The local bimbos getting prepped for the night are in there getting what they need to smoke, primp with, or a final pit stop before they go hit the clubs.

    Without local chicks in the clubs (I mean the average retail worker, secretary, and similar… not the professionals who are often from out-of-town), all those high end clubs would be a total sausage fest.

    Which would result no men spending the cash on table/bottle service, and no men going back to (insert city name here) saying “These chicks were wild… we almost got them back to our room.”

    When in reality the local chicks just know how to suck up lots of free drinks and attention from the guys in the clubs. And… the guys leave without the sucking they really wanted (which is why where the professional skanks come in).

    Some of the “Hot” and “Wild” (Top 40) radio stations even carry truckloads of ads for the clubs, specifically aimed at getting local chicks in the doors.

    The skank parade you see at 4 AM very much are the same women who were in the local neighborhood (Summerlin, Green Valley, East Side, CVS stores buying their ciggies at 9 PM the night before.

    Just another reason to laugh at the guys in the shiny shirts. Although a few do hook up, most of them just end the evening drunk and a couple hundred dollars lighter in the wallet.

    Might as well watch the skank parade… which should be listed among the great free activities such as Bellagio Fountains and Fremont St. Light Show.

  8. Mike E.- I got my pornslapper shirt as seen in the comments for show #122 by bribing a pornslapper with $20

  9. just thinking that when you got strip burger do they do a strip tease show for you if you tip them properly

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