Five Hundy by Midnight 178: Hungover for Vegas

Las Vegas podcast #178 includes:

  • Larry King opener
  • Excalibur poker room goes electronic
  • Hard Rock poker room goes upscale
  • Cell phone ban in sports books goes on hiatus
  • Star Trek Experience at Las Vegas Hilton goes away
  • $1 million display at Binion’s comes back
  • Ooh La La at Paris says au revoir
  • Yet another burger joint opens soon
  • Vegas Podcast-a-Palooza reflections
  • Plus trip reports about: Lion’s Share at MGM Grand, keno at Bally’s, Love Boat slot machines, Invaders from Planet Moolah, shopping at Casino Royale, Go Mini-Suites at Flamingo, the Empire Records room at Planet Hollywood, Postrio, Table 10, Bradley Ogden, Mon Ami Gabi, Paris bathrooms, Chippendales at Harrah’s, Mickey Dolenz (who was never in The Beatles) at the Forum Shops and other rambling observations about the Las Vegas Strip
  • Hungover for Vegas by Joe Sedita from The Quiet Few
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

Five Hundy By Midnight 8/24/08 (59:01 min, 54.2 MB)

23 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 178: Hungover for Vegas

  1. Dang the podcast made me hungry this time. A midnight snack I think … maybe a burger.

  2. re: Hungover for Vegas
    That’s actually a pretty good song. The funny thing is, I’d pick it up if it were purchasable from The Quiet Few’s site. Someone might want to tell Joe to post it for purchase off of MySpace or Amazon or basically any place except iTunes.

    Even funnier, I travel to Richardson on business and stay at the Renaissance Hotel there once a month. Maybe I’ll catch them at a gig.

  3. Great show Tim and Michele, it sounds like you guys had a great time out there. The Podcast-A-Palooza show was also great. Now the countdown begins till we see the pictures……

  4. I need to get to Vegas. I need to get to Vegas.

    Question for all:
    My wife is pregnant and she isn’t craving food, but she is craving nickel slots. Anyone opinions on what the LEAST smokiest casino would be?

  5. Michelle:

    The bonus spins on Moulah are 7, 10, 15, 25 and 50.


    The Love Boat has come and gone in our local casino but it was fun while it lasted.

    We saw Mickey Dolenz live several years ago doing Monkee songs.

    One of there early tours was opened by Jimi Hendrix. Dolenz os very funny when he is talking about it. During Purple Haze the crowd was yelling “davey. Davieee”..

    good show.


  6. Holy CRAP Tim and Michelle have some uber talented fans out there.

    Joe, that song is just off-the-chart. Hope you don’t mind, but I linked your myspace page to a couple of message boards of bands that I like.

    T&M, I think, and this is just a theory, but isn’t lbs the shorthand for pound? As in, an lbs of ground round? Just a thought.

    I’m looking forward to Call-a-palooza late 2008 next week.

    Sorry to hear your experience with the Lion’s Share was break even, although, to be honest, I can’t say I’m yet at the break-even stage on that slot. Oh well.

    This was a show of a lot of rambling goodness. Loved it, as usual.

  7. Great Show Tim & Michelle….Between the Podcast Palooza and this recap of your trip I am anxious to get to Vegas.

    Two Weeks and counting!!!!!!

    The Love Boat Slots sound hilarious did you say they were at Planet Hollywood? I am Craving a Burger!!!!!!

  8. Jim from LA –
    re: Smoke free slots
    Palazzo is a like a big open cavern with ultra high ceilings and constantly circulating air to ensure that “Palazzo smell” – not to mention they prohibit smoking in the walkways. There’s a large no-smoking area on the north side and they include several multi-level progressive banks. I know the air’s good because my contacts are very sensitive to smoke and I was perfectly fine for the most part there. That being said, YMMV on the slots. We saw our cash vaporize like paper into a shredder. The same can be said of Mandalay Bay. Monstrous spaces, smoke free slot area, and again, YMMV re: slots.

    Joe from the Quiet Few –
    re: “Hungover for Vegas”
    My wife liked the song too, so we bought the song twice, once for each of our music players. Great licks on that song.

  9. Hi Michelle and Tim / Tim and Michelle…

    RE: the donation:

    It’s the same Chris from Santa Cruz. Nice to meet you.

  10. Tim/Michelle,

    Did you make it to the Coverville 500 concert? If so, what did you think of it?

  11. Listening to this podcast during yesterday’s long run made me delirious for a burger. I got home and begged my husband to take me out for burgers and shakes…no luck though…he had a burger for lunch.

    I’m planning on running the Las Vegas Marathon on December 7th this year – that will be the next time I’m in Vegas. I’m already trying to decide if BLT Burger or Bradley Ogden’s burger will be my post race meal. I guess I’ll just have to ponder that one over my next few months of training while drooling on my running shoes…

  12. We did indeed go to Coverville 500 and had a great time. It was awesome to finally meet Brian Ibbott and to see Jonathan Coulton again. Fun show.

  13. Jim-

    Upon further review, apparently smoking is allowed in the casino at the Westin.

    Although, the last time I wandered through it, there were so few people you probably wouldn’t notice the smoke.

    I should have looked it up before my other post. My bad.

  14. O.K. so I go away for the weekend. No internet access but I know when I get back I will have a five Hundy to listen to.


    Where are you guys? Two dogs t oo much for you?

    Help, I need a fix.


  15. Just listen to this edition. Was in Vegas last week – must have seen a hunded guys with those Ed Hardy shirts – yeech! Stopped at the Mirage a little after 3:00 PM for a BLT buger – DENIED! it was closed from 3-12 for a private event. Next visti for sure.

  16. If you guys like Mon Ami Gabi, definitely check out Bouchon in the Venetian. Very similar menu (those french bistro places all make mostly the same dishes), but the versions at Bouchon are just that much tastier. Great steak frites, and I had some amazing slow cooked lamb with the fluffiest mashed potatoes I’ve ever had in my life. Not to diss on MAG (just went to the one in Chicago last week), it’s good food, but Bouchon just does it that much better.

    On our last trip, we also ate at Enoteca San Marco, Mario Batali’s casual place by the fake canals (probably right next to Postrio). Nice thin crust pizza, very authentic like the stuff you actually get in Italy.

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