Five Hundy by Midnight 260: Gambling With Tim and Michele 2010

Las Vegas podcast #260 includes:

  • Man vs. Food opener
  • Something seems different
  • Get Him to the Greek Review
  • Las Vegas Strip development resumes
  • Move over, Sammy Hagar
  • Trying out a new theme for our new sponsor: VegasMate
  • Gambling with Tim and Michele: Sex and the City Star Wars R2D2 and Elvis slots.
  • Casino Royale soundseeing tour
  • Listener calls about Goldfish slots, Fremont Street blackjack conditions, Southwest flights, Circus Circus Steakhouse, Harrah’s buffet deal, Sahara blackjack, Blue Man Group, Barry Manilow, Lion King, M Resort and more
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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26 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 260: Gambling With Tim and Michele 2010

  1. Apropos of nothing, does anybody remember when SNL parodied Family Ties, and Victoria Jackon, in the Tina Yothers role, had no other lines than to occasionally say, “Yeah?”

    In unrelated news, I’m glad Michele was able to put off her trip and make it to this recording.

  2. I forgot to mention a celebrity sighting. I was wasting time waiting for my flight in the Flamingo Keno Lounge. (nice comfy chairs) This dude with long blonde hair and a bandana headband was dragging a huge suitcase past my chair. He looked at me and smiled sort of like I knew him. I remember thinking that guy sort of looks like Bret Michaels. LOL It turns out it was Vince Neil.

  3. Virtual Michelle is kinda creepy. If this keeps up for a few more weeks, I am calling the Minnesota State Police.

    Podcast-a-palooza meet up at Gilley’s, anyone?

  4. Wow, I noticed the Sands building but I couldn’t figure out what it was. Also when they were partying in the Planet Hollywood suite for the second time it overlooked the strip facing south from a vantage point that looked like it was from Trump. They then exit the hotel and they are around Fashion Show Mall, but then the camera cuts and they are in front of Paris.

  5. “Pack my chaps” is the kind of phrase you have to be careful about where you use.

    By the way, Cosi sandwich shop won’t let me visit your site on their free wi-fi because it’s a “gambling site”.

  6. has anyone had an amazing hot dog in Vegas recently? I was in for a quickie (litterally only there for 43.5 hours)

  7. er and yeah– tried Jody’s, Nathans do little for me but I like using the cab coupons for the 2:1 for a quick bite. I have a hunch as to where a great one is, but I’m not going to give it away as it should be booked for the 4th when I do my biggest trip of all time. I want a great hot dog on the 4th!

  8. Tim,
    IMHO, your concerns about the show being a mess without Michele are unfounded. Michele *does* add quite a bit to the show, but even without her, your podcast is still fun to listen to and informative. And I thought that virtual Michele was pretty funny.
    Enjoyed the “Gambling with Tim and Michele” segments, too, as always.

  9. My wife just got an offer from Wynn for $399 for 3 nights, and comp upgrade to an Encore Resort Suite King (if available). I’m trying to convince her that we need to go right away. She thinks I need to come to my senses.

    What’s wrong with her? She’s the one that showed me the offer. What did she think I’d say?

    … just needed to vent to people who understand. 🙂

  10. Marc – tell your wife you’re going with or without her (it’s her fault for showing you). I’m very jealous we’re having serious withdrawal with expensive flights from the UK and a very bad exchange rate probably won’t make it in 2010!!!


    It has been awhile, but there use to be an entrance down the alley between the slot’s of fun and circus, even the alley/walway is better and shorter walk than thru the pit.

  12. Good work Tim.

    It was nice to hear the “Gambling with Tim and Michele” segments – I really thought you were building it up to the last recording when you would hit an amazing bonus round and win loads of cash. But oh no …. another 20 bucks down and no bonus .

    There is no doubt that Michele adds a huge amount to the recordings but you have proved that even on your own you can still still make it compelling. Helps that you have a great topic like Vegas though.

  13. I am arriving on Sunday for our wedding on Wednesday. Tuesday I’m jumping off the Stratosphere. I did miss Michele on the show. Tim, you do a good job but you seemed lonely.

  14. So when you guys played Sex in the City, was it one with their new speaker chair? What did you think? I always wonder if people like having those on games or even notice.

  15. I’ve played several games with speakers in the chair—Top Gun, Wizard of Oz and Sex and the City among them. It’s sorta cool.

  16. Hello Tim,

    Missed real Michelle but virtual Michelle was humorous. Nonetheless, you help get me through my time between Vegas trips.

    All the best.


  17. hey tim, next time michelle is away you should have yourself as andy rooney as your cohost. now that would be money.

  18. I am so slow – didn’t realize what was going on with Michelle until about halfway through. Fortunately I did before Tim confessed.

    I wonder if the scene of the Sands was an intenional homage?

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