Five Hundy by Midnight 277: Post-Palooza Wrap-up

Las Vegas podcast #277 includes:

  • My Fair Wedding opener
  • Harrah’s plans name change again
  • Jacko Cirque show update
  • Tropicana gets breezy
  • New themed slots
  • Observations on Delmonico, Burger Joint, Rhumbar, Planet Hollywood Strip Suites and Rita Rudner’s pissy attitude at Vegas Podcast-a-Palooza
  • Listener calls about Flamingo Go Rooms, Halloween in Vegas, Hash House, Big Elvis, Circus Circus Steakhouse, Frightdome, Fremont Street Flightline, Frank Caliendo, Phantom, Firefly, Cut, Palazzo slot points, THEhotel, Rao’s, Valentino, Yuengling, Mirage vs. TI, pornslapper shirts, CityCenter, Bally’s and more.
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

Five Hundy By Midnight 11/7/10 (84:13 min, 77.3 MB)

13 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 277: Post-Palooza Wrap-up

  1. Sure, you tell us about the downtown dancers in body paint on Halloween NOW.

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed the follow up.

    Michele, I think you were playing Big Bang when we met at the Palazzo. That’s the game Tim one on.

    We were right behind you and watched Ms. Rudner make faces all evening. In her defence the evening was disjointed because of the weddings and it was damned cold even for us northeners, but everyone else seemed to be having a good time.

    We ate at First Food and had an amazing half chicken Cobb salad. Too bad it is so out of the way even for people in the hotel.

    BTW Michel I loved the shoes but I could imagine them hurting by the end of the day. With the height difference between you and Tim, higher heels must be a neceesity. I wore an inapproraite pair of shoes without socks and developed a lovely blister. I must remeber, Vegas is about walking.


  3. I feel the same when it comes to video poker. As of 3 weeks ago, PH had a couple $1 3 line 9/5 video poker in the high limit room. It’s pretty quiet in there and $1 machines aren’t quite high limits. Like you said, most of the decent VP is gone outside of the high limits room.

    I was surprised that Harrah’s had better pay table options (not really good) than Mirage (worst I’ve seen on the strip). Staying at both next week. Even the bad games pay better than slots, even if it’s less better.

  4. FYI Moorea Beach at Mandalay Bay is no longer a topless pool very much to my chagrin since Angel group bought it. And Angel group bought Pure as well as it wouldnt surprise me if Venus pool changes likewisel. So I think the topless pools will be down to Bare Pool and Wynn Encore’s adult guests only pool.

    Thanks for the great podcast!!!

  5. I agree with Jeff from Dallas. English policemen will always be welcome in Las Vegas. 😉

  6. The zip wire thing was hilarious. The guy is a fookin genius.

    I thought Rita Rudner came across OK on the Strip but obviously wasn’t a happy camper in real life.

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