FHBM #411: A Highly Produced Announcement

Las Vegas podcast #411 includes:

  • Beverly Hills 90210 opener
  • A VIMFP event announcement
  • Fremont Country Club sure is quiet
  • Tragedy at Ka show
  • Priscilla run gets cut
  • Rock of Ages promotion seems like a bad idea
  • Martorano adds second Vegas location at Paris
  • Gallagher brings his props to Trop
  • Flightlinez closes
  • Our sponsor, Viator’s Things to do in Las Vegas
  • Listener calls about Caesars Palace, Bally’s Steakhouse, Olives, Jubilee, Absinthe, TI, Mirage sports book, La Comida, Le Thai, Radio City Pizza, Triple George, Aria, New York New York, Sea Thai, Milos, The Vegas Show and other Las Vegasy stuff
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Five Hundy By Midnight 7/7/13 60:40 min, 58.2 MB)

5 thoughts on “FHBM #411: A Highly Produced Announcement

  1. Crazy thought here Scott, but if you’re going to have a rating system on Five Hundy by Midnight, wouldn’t it be based on FIVE Hundy’s and not TEN Hundy’s?

    Just saying.

  2. Dear Tim and Michele,

    I just saw Rock of Ages for my 4th time and WOW. I’m still impressed. I wanted to take you on a path to see if you would like it or not.

    First, the bad.
    It is a musical, sort of. But it’s not creepy gay and your favorite songs are not butchered by opera singers. It was specifically produced to not make a man feel weird for going to a musical. It’s sort of a rock concert too. Don’t sell the music short.
    It is expensive. This can be easily be overcome through Best Of Vegas that will get great center front orchestra seats for the price of rear orchestra. You don’t want to sit on the sides.
    It is based on a movie. A bad movie. This is a non issue. The movie is politically correct for today’s audience. The musical is set in the good ole 80s when we were not so PC.

    Now the good…
    To help break up the musical, there is a narrator. It is a very humorous narrator. He looks and acts very much like Joe Dirt. The comic relief in the show is great. And if you’re alert you can pick up lots of interesting 80s references, such as the brick cell phone and John Sununu.
    A great example (and there are many) of the political incorrectness is a female lead called Regina. She says it is pronounced Ragina…rhyming with a woman’s private area.
    The atmosphere is all about an 80s party. Before the show, there are girls walking around selling wine coolers and other interesting drinks. And there is a bar set up at the front of the stage with a crazy bartender. At intermission, you can take a “whizz break” and there is big Whizz Clock 5000 that counts down time remaining. The beverage girls come out for intermission.
    The music is great. They picked out some great rock anthems from the 80s and have an awesome band play it.

    Conclusion. There is never a dull moment, and if you aren’t laughing your ass off at the Narrator, Lonny, you are rockin’ hard. I love his Camel Toe T-shirt. The storyline can be followed as closely or loosely as you want. It’s there but it’s not a factor.

    The music is the only part where I wonder about you. It should not be an issue but… Both of you are very selective on what music you like and don’t like. Are you music snobs, connoisseurs, or something in-between?(rhetorical) I’ve heard you being rough on some cover bands, and warm up to others. Due to the range of songs, it would obviously have to be a multi cover band, but this band nails almost every one…in spades. They are really good. They’ve been known to play a Fremont St bar that has a lot of B’s in it’s name. The other issue is song selection. I’ve heard you be rough on good songs that you’ve heard too many times, and I fully understand. Well, I’m pretty sure you know every word of every song in this show by default of hearing them on the radio. I think they did a great job of stitching these songs into the story where they flow rather well. And there’s so much more audio and visual and storyline impact, that you aren’t stuck with just the words like you would be if it were on the radio.

    To address a recent point on unlimited beer 2 hours before the show. You’re gonna want to leave that bar 30 minutes early to go to the theater to get your encore LED fake cigarette lighters and check out the rock and roll photos on the wall behind the concession stand before going to your seat. That leaves 90 minutes to party before the show. Who ever went to a concert and didn’t start to party 90 minutes before show time? Sure it can be abused. I’ve seen people get sloppy disgusting in less than 5 minutes of unlimited beer….out of a gallon milk jug. Bottom line, they want you in a party mood before the show. And after the show, the party continues to the Bourbon Room.

    Rock of Ages is a rocking good time. It’s not like you are wasting vacation time to stop and see a show, because if flows with your vacation agenda. I think you’d like it. Strongly recommended. You can thank me later.

  3. What do you mean by “creepy gay”? Because I usually think “awesomely gay.”

    Thanks for the review, and glad you enjoyed the Rock of Ages show. The production does sound very fun, and being fans of rock in general, I think we’d enjoy it (if we ever get our asses to an actual Vegas show).

  4. I take it you don’t go to musicals often. I see about 20 per year. There are times when a classic musical gets it’s storyline and plot changed completely when a producers wants to inject 45 minutes of a personal agenda. That’s creepy.

    Otherwise, I think the term you want is fabulous. Snap.

    Back to Rock of Ages. If you don’t consider yourselves music snobs, I think Rock of Ages is perfect for you.

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