FHBM #419: Boom

Las Vegas podcast #419 includes:

Five Hundy By Midnight 8/31/13 91 min, 86 MB)

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  1. I’ve recently been turned on to your show by some friends and I really like you guys. I’ve been a Vegas traveler since I was a kid in the late 60’s and my wife and I travel to Vegas about 10 – 12 times a year on average so its kinda cool to hear to hear what your guys have to say on the many places I’ve been to and have yet to go to. But what’s not cool is listening to caller “Mike” comment that people from Southern California are “douchbags”. But my problem is not with Mike but with you guys. I would hope that you would supported us listeners from SoCal by commenting that he was out of bounds with that comment or reply with a funny response that I know your guys are capable of. But instead you “seemed” to agree with him. I just hope in future your show doesn’t descend in to a hate fest against those from Socal.
    Don’t forget, the Vegas you enjoy today was built on the heartache and tears from the people who visit this place the most, The people from Southern California.

  2. Hey Gary.

    Thanks for listening. Glad you (usually) enjoy the show. I had to listen back to that part of the show because I didn’t recall anyone named Mike calling in this week, any reference to people from Southern Californians being douchebags or us supporting such a statement.

    Listening back, I found that during Eric’s call about douchebags clogging up the lazy river, he did indeed refer to them as “Southern California douchebags.” All of the comments from me and Michele centered around the idea of a douche dam or douche clog, but didn’t address the Southern California concept. I didn’t even pick up on the Southern California qualifier when I first heard it.

    If listener/caller Eric wants to jump in with his thoughts, he’s welcome to. I can’t purport to speak for him. However, he never once said all people from SoCal are douchebags. He simply labeled the particular pack of douchebags as being from SoCal. Doing so neither means that all douchebags are from SoCal nor that all people from SoCal are douchebags… only that this particular group of douchebags was the SoCal variety of douchebags.

    There is a good chance the show will continue to mock douchebags, regardless of their origin. We never have and unlikely ever will participate in a hate fest against Southern Californians.

  3. Thanks Tim for clearing that up for me.
    I must commend Eric (Sorry for calling him Mike) for checking the ID’s of all the participants at the MGM Douche Dam. Or maybe its those crazy So Cal accents we all have. Anyway, I’ll let my family and friends know not to clog up the MGM Lazy River next time they’re there. That SNL skit about “The Californians” hasn’t done us any favors either.

  4. So I’ll jump in here to clarify, although Tim did a pretty good job. Of course, I wasn’t saying that all southern Californians are douchebags.

    Now. I’ve been to Vegas 2-4 times per year for the past decade. Over that time, I’ve seen a substantial increase in the d-bag/skank crowd, coinciding with the rise of the nightclub/dayclub/party pool scene. Are they all from SoCal? Of course not. Do I assume that a large portion of them are? I do, if only because of the geographic proximity and population density of Southern California.

    Vegas is also seeing an influx of LA-based nightclub operators like SBE over the past few years. There’s been an effort to transport some of the LA “scene” to Vegas. LA operators, restaurants, DJs, etc. are showing up in Vegas. So yeah, I think a majority of what I call the “d-bags” — the 20-something, bottle-service purchasing, saggy jeans-and-Ed Hardy-wearing crowd — is coming from Southern California.

    Maybe I’m wrong. Right or wrong, it doesn’t mean I hate everyone from SoCal, and it CERTAINLY doesn’t mean Tim and Michelle do. My opinions are my own, and no one else’s, of course.

  5. My problem? Listening whilst eating a roast beef sandwich, then hearing the dog violently throw up, Tim responding with “just let her eat it up, sometimes self cleaning is the best route.” Followed by a loud sound of a hand smacking a table and Michelle announcing without beat skipped that she’d “just killed a fly”. Is this the Original Las Vegas Podcast or Duck Dynasty? Shit got real. Anyway I’ve listened forever, there is no anti California sentiment from the diminutive duo. It was definitely a mini rant about inconsiderate clogging in the lazy, which we all hate and wish those damn (hee hee) people would refrain from.

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